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When will I have my order delivered?

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What is included in the package?

The QuietOn Sleep package includes QuietOn Sleep Earplugs, Charging Case, Charging Cable, different size of Ear tips and User manual. In other words, everything you need.

Does QuietOn Sleep cancel sound of snoring?

QuietOn Sleep has been optimized to reduce snoring sounds to the greatest possible extent. You can check more at the graph above which explains how much snoring noise QuietOn Sleep can reduce.

Can I hear the alarm clock while wearing QuietOn Sleep?

Yes. You just need to make sure to turn up the volume of your alarm tone to make sure you hear it. You can test this before going to bed.

Can I sleep when I lie on the side?

Yes. QuietOn Sleep is 40% smaller than QuietOn Q1 and has soft cushion wrapped around it to maximize the sleeping comfort. There are different eartips of different sizes for you to pick the right fit and enjoy the best experience when sleeping.

What is the benefit of QuietOn Sleep?

QuietOn Sleep is super small and soft, which makes it comfortable to wear while sleeping. The active noise cancellation has been optimized for snoring and sounds coming through walls. These sounds can’t be blocked by normal passive earplugs. In case you still want to hear surrounding sounds while wearing QuietOn Sleep you can easily switch to hearing mode.

Can I connect QuietOn Sleep to my phone?

No, QuietOn Sleep is designed to bring you a better night’s sleep. There is no Bluetooth or any kind of radio connection. Music playback is not supported. No connectivity. No radio or bluetooth. No radiation.

Does QuietOn Sleep make total silence?

No. No earplug or any other device can make total silence. However, it is still the most effective solution to cancel sounds of snoring and and other noises disturbing your sleep. Active noise cancelling technology  uses a microphone to sample the sound, and a speaker to create a phase-shifted sound that cancels the original sound. It’s different from using white noise to mask the originial noise.

How do I insert and use the QuietOn Sleep earplugs correctly?

QuietOn Sleep needs to be in the correct position and have a proper seal in the ear for it to work. You’ll know they are properly inserted once you reach the ‘under water’ kind of sound experience.

What is the difference compared to the first generation QuietOn?

QuietOn Sleep is designed for sleeping. It is smaller and softer than the first gen QuietOn. QuietOn Sleep’s active noise cancellation has been optimized for snoring and noises coming through walls. QuietOn Sleep does not include the testing sound (‘beep’) of first gen QuietOn. QuietOn Sleep also includes the option to switch to hearing mode.

Does QuietOn Sleep have the testing sound of the first generation QuietOn?

No, QuietOn Sleep does not have the testing sound (‘beep’) of the first gen QuietOn. There will not be any additional sounds that could affect your sleep.

Is QuietOn Sleep safe?

QuietOn Sleep is made from safe and friendly material. As Original QuietOn, QuietOn Sleep will also acquire CE certificates before being delivered to customers.

What is QuietOn Sleep made of?

Plastic (Polyamide, Polycarbonate, ABS), Polyurethane Rubber, Stainless Steel and Gold.

How long does it take to charge QuietOn Sleep?

Charging takes around an hour. Blue indicator lights turn off when charging is completed.

How long is the battery life?

QuietOn Sleep’s battery life is around 20 hours on single charge. You can have 3 full night sleep without worrying about the battery.

What's the battery lifetime? Can I switch the battery?

According to the battery manufacturer, the battery will last for thousands of charging cycles. In normal use this would mean several decades. The battery is rechargeable and can’t be switched.

What comes in the box?

The QuietOn Sleep retail kit will include the QuietOn Sleep earplugs, charging case, charging cable, several sized ear tips for different sized ears and user guide. In other words, everything you need to enjoy your good night’s sleep.

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