Wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep in silence

Tiny and comfortable to ensure a good sleep – QuietOn 3

By blocking the nocturnal noises of a snoring partner, outside traffic or the party animal next-door, QuietOn 3 Active Noise Cancelling earbuds deliver a restful night sleep so every day can begin with a fresh start.

Sleep Better. Live Your Best Life!

Make a decision for better sleep, a fabulous start into the day and a healthier life. Finally, after a refreshing night you can look at yourself in the mirror, smile and see the absence of dark eyeshades, feel ready for the daily tasks and be confident that the next night’s sleep is going to be just as tranquil as the previous one. Let us introduce you to a very special, extra tiny and super comfortable solution – QuietOn 3.

Premium Active Noise Cancelling

The technology of QuietOn wireless earbuds for sleeping is based on finely tuned Active Noise Cancelling, which effectively reduces noise across the entire frequency spectrum, but especially in the low-frequency range. Noises such as snoring or traffic noise that may disturb your sleep are cancelled and you can finally enjoy quiet and relaxing dreams. As shown by the so-called “Snoring Mountain”, QuietOn makes the difference in this frequency range.

Why customers love QuietOn earbuds?

Smaller Size. Increased Comfort. Superior Performance.

This picture says more than 1000 words: A size comparison of our comfortable sleeping earbuds to a typical music listening earbud is an eye opener. QuietOn 3 excels in providing sleep comfort due to its extra small size and ergonomic design, as well as the different sizes of the foam tips. They are designed to take you to a Nordic oasis of tranquility even in the most difficult noise circumstances.

Easy to use

The product is removed from the charging box and can be used immediately – no buttons or set up needed. QuietOn 3 battery life is around 28 hours on single charge. The charging case battery lasts for about 3x charging the earbuds from empty to full, meaning that QuietOn 3 earbuds for sleeping can be used without having to worry about recharging – or waking up at night unexpectedly to your partner’s snoring.

Choose a good night’s sleep with QuietOn 3

Experience quietude for sleeping

Premium performance

Comfortable to use

Beautiful design

QuietOn has also a great solution for travelers

The key to relaxed trips and concentration during noisy office hours.

Do you ever find yourself in situations at work or while traveling where you long for relaxing calm? With QuietOn 2, that bubble of tranquility is just a push of a button away from you. Enjoy excellent noise cancelling technology that reduces disturbing background noise such as cabin noise, engine noise or the soundscape in the open-plan office.

QuietOn 2 travel

Sleep better, focus and travel in soothing quietude. 

Enjoy sweet dreams at night with QuietOn earbuds and see the sunny sides of life during the day.