Welcome! On this page we show you how to get started and how to get the best possible experience with your QuietOn 3 device.


How QuietOn 3 works


To ensure that QuietOn 3 works efficiently, you should seal the earbuds in your ear airtightly. When the device is placed airtightly, the foam tip attenuates the noise exactly to the right level.

The Active Noise Cancelling works only when the noise signal and the anti-noise signal are matching.

How to use QuietOn 3


QuietOn 3 switches on automatically when taken out of the charging case, no buttons needed.

Step 1

Step 2

Make sure to insert earbud with letter L to left ear, earbud with letter R to right ear.

Compress the foam tip by rolling it with your fingers.

By default the foam tip size is small (S).

Pull back your ear while inserting the foam part to your ear.

Step 3

Step 4

Rotate the device backwards for optimal orientation. Wait for 15-30 sec for the foam to expand and for it to create a seal.


After the seal is achieved, the ANC and passive noise cancelling start working together and the performance improves gradually. When you listen to wide bandwidth noise with QuietOn 3 in your ears for a while and then take them out simultaneously, you perceive the full performance and realize how effective QuietOn 3 is.

How to make sure that I have positioned QuietOn 3 airtightly?

Check if the device is visible from the front view. If so, try to snug it in better.

Step 1

Step 2

Check if the foam tip size (XS, S, M, L) is correct for your ear and replace it if needed.

To ensure the correct size, press the device when it is inside your ear. You should feel a change of air pressure inside the ear canal.

If the ears are hairy, it might cause problems in achieving airtightness and might therefore result in a lack of noise cancelling performance.

Step 3

Wait a sec, I can still hear sounds with QuietOn 3 in my ears?

QuietOn 3 is efficient in canceling the noise but it will not create total silence. Nothing does. Here is a graph which shows how the QuietOn 3 performs with snoring. QuietOn 3 excels in the lower frequencies in the sound spectrum, such as the heavy bass music rumbling through the walls or the snoring of your partner next to you. When it comes to higher frequencies, the noise cancelling is similar to a pair of high-quality foam earplugs. So, no need to worry about oversleeping: You will not miss out on your alarm clock in the morning. If the snoring is particularly loud, it can be still partially heard, but the noise level is much lower to help you sleep.


How to be sure the earbuds battery is charged?

The earbuds are always charging when the battery is not full, and the battery of the charging case is not empty. Charging takes about 2 hours.

1. When the case is closed, the LED lights indicate the progress of the charging with a breathing sequence. Whenever the battery gets fuller, more and more leds are lit.

2. When the case is open, the LED lights show the battery level of the earbuds. If all lights are lit, earbuds are fully charged and ready to use. If at least one LED is lit (more than 30%), it is enough for one night. When the earbud is taken from the case, it turns on automatically.

How to charge the charging case?

• Attach the small end of the USB-C cable to the port behind the charging case. You can find the USB-C cable in the sales box.

• Attach the bigger end to the mobile phone’s charger or the laptop’s USB type-A port providing 5 V and max 3 A.

• LEDs indicate the charging status.

• Charging takes around 3 hours.

• When the case is opened, it indicates its battery status for 30 sec.

• If at least one LED is lit (more than 30%), this is enough to charge the earplugs once.