Sleep has a positive effect on health and well-being overall. It also has important impacts on memory functions, creativity and receptivity. It also allows the heart and muscles to rest and cells to renew themselves in order to increase your performance during the day. However, sleep is essential not only for the physical, but also for the mental health. The risk of mental illness is reduced, and the general mood is improved.

Improve Sleep and Performance with QuietOn
Better Sleep and Study Performance with QuietOn

While you sleep, you process what you learned, all the information and input of the day. In particular, memory and recall depends on the quality of sleep. A healthy and deep sleep is essential for processing what has been learned in the long-term memory. So not sleeping enough and well enough disrupts this process and, accordingly, fails to store what was studied effectively. A healthy sleep, on the other hand, leads to emotional and mental balance, lower stress levels, and better absorption capacity for studying.

Improve your Sleep and Performance with QuietOn

Clayton Guillozet

Professional Basketball Player, Warriors, Vietnam

“They completely drown out the chaotic world around me, create a calming effect, and let me sleep solidly for hours. The difference in how I feel, how I perform is very noticeable. I wake up faster, more energized and with a clearer mind. My body—the tool I rely on to do my job—feels strong and ready to perform.”

Clayton Guillozet Basketball Performance with QuietOn


Medical Student

They have such a minimal design that make them perfect to use as a solution for sleep disturbance. The technology of QuietOn wireless earbuds for sleeping is based on finely tuned Active Noise Cancelling, which effectively reduces noise across the entire frequency spectrum, but especially in the low-frequency range.

I love using them when it comes to deep focus. […] I am more concentrated and I do not get distracted that easy. I was at the library on Saturday using them and I was feeling like it’s just me in the whole building.”
(Instagram: study_medicinee)

Maxime Crépeau 

GK, LAFC and Canadian National Team

“I was experiencing some difficulties to have a full night of sleep without waking up multiple times at night and QuietOn was the right fit for me. Some nights that I really want to focus on my sleep and recovery, I don’t hesitate to put my QuietOn for the night and have an awesome sleep. I was quite surprised and pleased with the quality of the product they offer.
I highly recommend QuietOn for any athlete or person who wants to focus on improving their sleep quality”.


Good football performance with QuietOn


Student of Public Health

“With QuietOn, studying and sleeping has never been easier! When I study I can pop them in and study in a soundless environment like I would at home. Sleeping with QuietOn helps me have a better night with a noiseless sleep, since living at home with my family sometimes means having to deal with a lot of sounds.
(Instagram: emmaa_studies)

Sebastien Ibeagha

Los Angeles Football Club

“Personally I don’t struggle with sleep but I’m always trying to better my sleep which in turn helps my performance. I was surprised with how well QuietOn worked. On the weekends my neighbors tend to get a bit loud and I put them on and had one of my highest sleep scores. I highly recommend for anyone trying to get better sleep.”


Law Student

“The Noise Cancelling is very gentle and the ear bud fits perfectly due to the small size and the soft foam tips. I primarily use them while sleeping but they also work for studying oder any other task that requires your focus. […] I really really like them & I think now is the time to catch up with sleep since law students usually don’t get a lot of it.”

(Instagram: lawstudent_livingoncoffee)