QuietOn 3 Review: Essential for Sleep and Focus By Emma Laffin

As a master’s student in Public Health living in a busy city, being able to focus and prioritizing healthy sleep are essential to my productivity. I run a study Instagram account (emmaa_studies) where I provide student productivity tips, and study hacks to help my followers get through their school journey. Through my page I’ve had the opportunity to test out different products, recently including QuietOn 3 earbuds from Finnish tech startup QuietOn.

For me, one of my most important must-haves when it comes to studying is total silence when I’m completing mandatory reading, a difficult assignment or taking an exam. Previously I had been using headphones and noise-cancelling earphones to help me get the most noiseless environment, but QuietOn 3 earbuds take silence to a whole new level.

For me, comfort is always the most important thing when it comes to earphones/headphones and sometimes having earbuds in my ears for a long period can start to hurt or feel uncomfortable. But QuietOn 3 earbuds are so tiny that they simply fit in my ear and are completely comfortable – sometimes I even forget I have them in! I also love how small they are and the convenient travel case they come in allow me to bring them everywhere.

In addition to studying, I also use QuietOn 3 when I want a good night’s sleep. As I mentioned, they are so small and comfortable that they’re easy to wear even in your sleep. They don’t bother me when I sleep and they don’t fall out during the night.

When I go out to a coffee shop to study, I always bring five things with me: my computer, iPad, earphones, QuietOn 3 and a water bottle. Coffee shops aren’t always the quietest places, but thanks these innovative buds, I can get out and change my study environment without sacrificing focus and productivity. Because they’re so effective and comfortable, QuietOn 3 has become an essential part of my study and day-to-day routine.

Some students like to listen to classic music or other soothing sounds while studying to help them focus by drowning out other noise, but I find that total silence is most effective when I really need to focus and immerse myself in my reading. QuietOn 3 have really helped me take my academic performance and studying up a notch by not only helping me find the quiet I need for meaningful study, but also helping me improve my sleep performance as well.