QuietOn 3 Earbuds: The Perfect Study and Travel Companion

By Adina Apetrei
Instagram: adina.studies

Have you ever tried to catch some sleep on a busy train, struggled to get restful sleep due to noisy neighbors, or needed to or finish up a project at a busy café? I have definitely answered “yes” to all these questions and have experienced more stress in my life because I couldn’t focus, relax, or sleep properly. Fortunately, I had the chance to try out QuietOn 3 earbuds and, as a result, have discovered a new space of peace and quiet in my everyday life. From my experience with the earbuds, I can say that reducing the constant noise pollution around me has had a significant positive impact on my well-being on a number of levels.

As a medical student, I need to study and learn a great number of topics in a short time, so using my time efficiently is very important to me. One of the benefits I have noticed while using QuietOn 3 is improved focus while studying, since I often get distracted by noise. Due to the amazing active noise cancelling technology, I can study in silence and therefore stay focused for longer periods of time, no matter where I am. From taking notes at home, to practicing with mock exams at the university library or revising flashcards on the train, I always take QuietOn 3 with me.

Additionally, I also use the earbuds while travelling, transforming the journey into a much more relaxing experience. Airports are known to be especially noisy places, and the travel frenzy can make me feel quite tired before my vacation even starts! I try to avoid feeling drained by creating quietude for myself on-the-go since there is nothing better than being able to relax right away. QuietOn 3 creates the silence I need without disconnecting me from the outside world, so I don’t have to worry about missing important information about my flight. The earbuds are extremely helpful in-flight as well: they tune out most of the engine sounds during take-off and landing, as well as other noise that might otherwise keep me awake during early morning flights. Thanks to QuietOn 3, I can easily sleep on the plane and feel refreshed when arriving at my destination, ready to start my holiday stress-free.

As many of us know, lack of sleep can affect not only our energy levels, but also our mood, academic performance, memory and general health. Even though my neighbors aren’t particularly noisy at night, the street I live on certainly is, and I used to wake up in the middle of the night due to sounds of traffic and passersby. Thanks to the earbuds, I can now rest properly, instead of constantly being woken up at night and having trouble falling back asleep. With strong battery life lasting over 24 hours, I don’t have to worry about them suddenly dying either. In addition to the noise cancellation, I was also very happy to discover how comfortable they are at night-time, even for sleeping on the side, due to the very small size and design made to fit the anatomy of the ear. The package includes different sizes of foam tips, so it was easy to find the right size for me and enjoy better sleep right away, waking up feeling rested and more ready for the day.

All in all, QuietOn 3 have improved many areas of my daily life: it’s not only easier to focus when studying, but also to rest, relax and recharge when it’s time to unwind.