Perfect Earbuds For Airline Cockpit Noise – Flying Airbus A330 With QuietOn


How airplane ear plugs work in the use of professional pilot? During my flights, I use the headset up to the top of climb, roughly 30 minutes after take off, reaching 10.000 meters above the ground. Then the QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling ear plugs come into play. The aircraft cockpit is a noisy environment, just like the airplane cabin. Maybe even more due to the air stream hitting directly onto the windscreen.


Noise equals fatigue so I have to protect my ears during the 8 or 10 hours of flying. These hours consist of sitting, monitoring the trajectory of the plane and avoiding thunderstorms. I also have to be able to communicate with my colleague sitting next to me and handle radio communications. QuietOn is the lightest Active Noise Cancelling device I have ever used. It’s such an impression of freedom wearing it. The noise reduction is comparable to the traditional earplugs I was using before. With QuietOn I can hear the radio communications much better and talk with my colleague. Personally, the best option I see for QuietOn use to wear the foam tips, included in the box. The tips could be just a little bit longer to go deeper in the ear. This is how I like using the QuietOn the most and can keep the ear plugs on for hours. Talking about hours, the autonomy of QuietOn is amazing for such a small device. I never run out of battery on any flight while wearing it.


To answer the question whether perfect airplane ear plugs exist, I recommend Quieton if you are looking for a very light and effective option to protect your ears and hearing.

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QuietOn ear plugs are a great companion for long flights.