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QuietOn’s mission for better sleep – World Sleep Day 2024

On March 15th, 2024, we celebrate World Sleep Day—an annual awareness event dedicated to sparking conversations and actions surrounding sleep health. This global initiative brings together advocates, professionals, and individuals, encouraging communities to prioritize and deepen their grasp of sleep’s profound impact on our lives. As official delegates of the World Sleep Day society, we…

Written by Janne Kyllönen, founder of QuietOn ltd.

The theme for World Sleep Day 2024 is sleep equity for global health – sleep is essential to health, but measurable differences in sleep health persist across populations across the world, creating additional burdens and reinforcing health inequities. 

This year’s theme stresses the need for fair access to sleep for global health.  Access to adequate sleep should be universal, regardless of various factors. These disparities have serious effects, leading to additional health issues and keeping certain groups at a disadvantage worldwide. 

At QuietOn, we stand by the important themes that World Sleep Day advocates for. We’re dedicated to making silence accessible to all – whether it’s next to a snoring partner, in a bustling city, or high above the clouds.  

Our goal is simple: to enhance health through better sleep. We believe that creating healthy sleep habits can significantly improve well-being and set the tone for a fulfilling life. After a restful night, we want you to wake up feeling refreshed, prepared for the day ahead, and confident in the tranquillity of your next night’s sleep. 

Our team at QuietOn shares these beliefs, values and targets with the World Sleep Day society. With our platform, we want to use the opportunity to share the message about how important sleep really is.   

We believe that addressing sleep equity will reduce these sleep disparities and will contribute to improving human health and wellness around the globe.  

When we all promote sleep health and #WorldSleepDay together, our combined effort is greater than the sum of its parts. Spread the word about sleep health on World Sleep Day and help us elevate the conversation around sleep!