QuietOn Sleep Launches Vowing To Save Marriages Worldwide

On March 13th, 2018, QuietOn vowed to save marriages worldwide when they launched their new Sleep line of active noise cancelling earplugs at the 2018 Wearable Technology Show in London, UK.  QuietOn Sleep, introduced to the world as the most powerful snoring killer on the market will aid couples, city dwellers, and commuters find silence and serenity in a world of snorers, late night partiers, and transit noise.  The new addition to the QuietOn family boasts skillful engineering provided by industry experts.  Also customers are presented with a product that they have helped create based on their feedback and previous product reviews.



QuietOn Sleep have a variety of premium functions to give users the most serene sleep experience possible.  They feature Active Noise Cancelling technology.  This cancels snoring by utilizing a tiny microphone to capture the offending noise.  Then uses a speaker to create a phase-shifted sound to effectively cancel it out.  In addition, wearers can alternate between a sleeping mode and a hearing mode by simply tapping on the earplug.  The QuietOn Sleep model provides its wearers with 20 hours of battery life per charge.  This ensures that even the latest sleeper can get more than one nights rest with a single charge.  QuietOn Sleep earplugs have superior technical features and are crafted for safe and unmatched comfort.

The mountain of evidence is clear. QuietOn Sleep make a huge difference for snoring noise reduction vs standard foam earplugs.