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Snooze & Success: A Champion’s Guide to Balanced Living and Better Sleep 

At QuietOn, we’re dedicated to exploring the diverse experiences of sleep, particularly among individuals juggling demanding schedules and lifestyles. In this pursuit, we had the privilege of interviewing Iiro Romppainen, a semi-professional badminton player from our hometown of Oulu, Finland. 

Iiro’s badminton journey began in childhood when his dad sent him to a summer camp, igniting his passion for the sport. Over 15 years, he’s achieved remarkable success, competing in top leagues and winning junior trophies, all fueled by his love for badminton. 

“A versatile sport that activates your whole body” 

An athlete’s schedule can feel overwhelming, with frequent practices, work commitments, social engagements, and sufficient rest and recovery. We’re curious about how Iiro maintains balance amidst these demands and copes with his rigorous schedule. 

“My daily routine from Monday to Friday follows a simple routine. After work I stop by my home for a quick dinner and head off to practice, and from there I go home and focus on rest. For all this to work, I need to set a practical rhythm to my schedule in addition to ensuring that I give my body the opportunity to rest and recover”, Iiro explains.

He shares that finding balance in your schedule and methods that suit you is the best way to prevent feeling overwhelmed.

“Although a healthy amount of stress can help personal growth and mental strength, not every minute should be dedicated to the sport. The way I manage stress is through talking with my loved ones, and always seeking to find the positive within the negative. I tend to remind myself that I play this sport as it is my passion, and I should not take on too much pressure.”

“Better recovery, better performance” 

Iiro emphasizes the importance of recovery, not just for athletes but for everyone. He highlights that progress occurs during recovery and ensuring your body has time to recuperate is crucial to avoid exhaustion. 

“After competitions, I focus on proper nutrition, hydration, and quality sleep,” Iiro explains. “Setting aside specific days for rest and prioritizing good sleep are essential for peak athletic performance.” 

“Great quality sleep is a key factor” 

Whether during off season or competition season, Iiro pays special attention to sleep. He shares that it is one of his top priorities. His current methods include putting aways his phone early, and instead spending his time talking to his girlfriend and calming down for the night.  

“This method really helps me to maximize my sleep quality and amount. The biggest difference I notice in my performance after a good night’s sleep is in my ability to focus. “ 

While interviewing Iiro, we asked whether he has experienced any difficulties in getting enough sleep. He shared that he finds that getting enough sleep while travelling can be a surprisingly tough task, and travelling itself can really drain his energy levels and affect his sleep quality. 

“A remedy to lost sleep on the road” 

“The best trick to solving sleep troubles while travelling is active noise cancelling earbuds. The QuietOn 3.1 stood out to me especially due to their tiny size, combatting the comfort problems caused by other similar devices. I can comfortably sleep on my side, and they are extremely handy on the go. Whether I’m looking for silence in a hotel room or in a train, QuietOn provides a solution.” 

Iiro shares that since using the QuietOn active noise cancelling earbuds, falling asleep has been noticeably easier. He feels that after sleeping with them, his energy levels improve ensuring that he is ready to take on the day. 

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