10 Amazing Health Effects-An Hour More Sleep Every Day Makes Miracles


Recently, a Finnish article published on Ilta-Samonat summarized 10 amazing health effects of sleeping an additional hour according the studies of Dr. Henri Tuomilehto, Sleep therapist, Finland.

Sleeping is considered to be a significant part in our life. A lack of sleeping might cause different kinds of problems. According to this article, sleep deprivation will accelerate hunger and decrease the quality of life, which will eventually cause some negative healthy effects to our bodies. Normally, for adults, 7-8 hours of sleep is considered to be proper. However, the fact is that most people sleep less than 7-8 hours every day, which is not enough to keep a good health body. Therefore, this extra hour sleep is highly necessary.

It has emphasized in this article that even one hour of extra night sleep will make miracles. You are smarter and more innovative. Moreover, it will be easier to manage your weight and your memory will be working better.

Furthermore, here are the 10 health benefits of additional hour sleep will bring to you:

1. You are smarter and more innovative.
2. You can tolerate better stress.
3. You can do more target-orientated physical exercise/sports.
4. You look fresher
5. Your immunity is improved.
6. Weight management becomes easier.
7. The ability of your body to use sugar improves.
8. Your memory, attention, concentration and reasoning are all enhanced.
9. Quicker recovery from physical sore while doing exercise.
10. The risk of developing cancer, diabetes and other serious diseases is reduced.

Yet, this one hour seems to be impossible to achieve when the bustling modern life seems to keep craving your attention, from a noisy neighbor with lawn mower in the early morning, your kids waking up early and playing, your husband playing a snoring chorus next to you, etc.

The low bandwidth noises can’t be attenuated by normal foam earplugs. By analysing a very many noise records from traffic noise to other types of ambient noises coming through walls, Nokia veterans have developed active noise cancelling earplugs for sleeping which are optimized to drown out disturbing noises on a wide spectrum from low to high frequency. Additionally, packed with 20 hours of battery in use on a single charge, and smart sleep/ hear mode, QuietOn Sleep assures to help you gain one extra hour sleep a day and settle parts of your overdue sleep debt.