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QuietOn 3.1 for Mother’s Day


QuietOn 3.1, the World’s Smallest Active Noise-Cancelling Earbuds for Sleep, are the Key to Rest and Relaxation for Hardworking Moms This Mother’s Day

Busy parents, especially moms juggling family, work, friends, and other obligations, often struggle to prioritize a good night’s sleep. This Mother’s Day, give mom the most in-demand gift of a good night’s sleep with QuietOn 3.1 earbuds.

QuietOn 3.1 are the world’s smallest active noise-canceling earbuds with a form factor small enough to fit entirely within one’s ears, making them comfortable enough for everyone – even side sleepers.

“We know from both extensive research as well as our own life experiences that restful sleep not only makes us feel happier and more relaxed, but also is the foundation for a productive and successful day. Parents especially are pulled in many directions, be it watching the kids, focusing on work, cooking dinner, going to the gym, or playing games with family, and sleep is essential to performing well and enjoying each day,” said QuietOn CEO Katja Siberg. “Therefore, all parents, regardless of age and experience level, must prioritize sleep in order to feel recharged and ready to live each day.”

By automatically generating opposite waveforms to nullify the low frequencies, QuietOn 3.1’s ANC technology helps reduce all these ambient, distracting sounds and creates a much quieter and more peaceful environment for sleep.

Although white noise machines and other noise-masking devices that help lull one to sleep are common, the addition of a new noise to overpower background noises can be harmful. QuietOn 3.1 reduces the ambient sounds that would otherwise disturb a restful sleep by automatically generating opposite waveforms to nullify low frequencies.

“High-quality sleep should be an essential factor as parents make efforts to improve their general health and well-being,” Siberg concluded. “We look forward to providing mothers with the first step to a restful sleep – quietude.”

Give a gift of better sleep to Mother that you want to suprise!