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Boost Your Performance with QuietOn 3.1: the Ultimate Companion for Restful Nights and Uninterrupted Focus

Meet @studywithdeww, a student fighting noise chaos with the help of the QuietOn 3.1 sleep earbuds. From rowdy roommates to traffic outside, discover how these tiny earbuds have helped to revolutionize their sleep quality and enhance concentration during intense study sessions – and maybe pick up a trick or two along the way!

QuietOn 3.1 is the Key to Helping Maintain Sleep Health and Work Life Balance – by @studywithdeww

As a busy student working on my masters in project management and living in a high-traffic area with four roommates, I’m always looking for ways to maximize my focus, reduce stress and improve my sleep quality so I can feel and be my best. 

Between studying for exams, writing papers, socializing, working out and finding time for myself, my sleep schedule often suffers. And with four roommates with their own schedules and lives, plus a busy highway right outside my bedroom window, even when I do find time to sleep it’s rarely quiet enough for me to fall into a deep and restful sleep. From roommates chatting and TVs playing in the next room to buses whooshing by at all hours of the night, it can be really hard for me to actually fall and stay asleep. 

As a result, I’ve found that my academic performance and overall mood have struggled. I’ve tried many different things to improve my sleep health, but nothing has worked as well as QuietOn 3.1 sleep earbuds. These tiny, innovative earbuds work to reduce sounds that keep me up at night including street traffic, humming appliances and noises my roommates make. As of now, I’ve been using QuietOn 3.1 for around five months and can confidently say I’ve never slept better or woke up feeling more rested in my life!   

These tiny earbuds use active noise canceling technology to minimize bothersome sounds and are tiny enough to fit in my ears so comfortably that I don’t feel them throughout the night. On top of that, I’m a side sleeper so I was worried that they might fall out of my ears like other earbuds I’ve tried, but QuietOn 3.1’s soft foam tips form perfectly to my ears so they stay put throughout the night while I sleep. 

While I initially started using QuietOn 3.1 to help me sleep, I’ve also found that they’re very helpful in drowning out bothersome sounds when I need to focus during my studies. For example, if my apartment is very loud during the day with my roommates and their friends moving about, watching TV, cooking and hanging out, I used to have to pack up and go to the library where I’d often encounter even more noise with chatty students working on group projects or taking study breaks.  

Now, with QuietOn 3.1, I can just pop them out of their convenient carrying case wherever I am – at home, at the library, or any other communal study space – and find the peace and quiet I need to focus on whatever school project I have in front of me be it a paper, group project, reading or studying.  

At this point I honestly can’t imagine life without QuietOn 3.1. They’re always with me – either on my night stand or in my backpack and, thanks to their on-the-go charging case, they’re always ready for me to pull them out and slip into a quiet space where I can concentrate on school work or fall into a deep sleep. 

With finals and exams coming up soon when I know I need to prioritize sleep as well as focus, QuietOn 3.1 is the best study buddy I could ever have!