Hurray! We are shipping!

HURRAY! We are shipping now.

It’s been a long journey to finally get these little sleep helpers delivered to our preorders.

You will receive emails from us for address confirmation a couple of days before our shipping. During the first few weeks (counting from this week), we’ll ship from QuietOn’s warehouse, which means that the products will travel from Poland to our warehouse. It will take a few days extra for the delivery, yet you are sure to have your QuietOn Sleep soon.

If you have any special request for the delivery, please contact us via  We know that some of you have pre-ordered this product as a present, so if you wish us to include some cards with words from our team, let us know, we’re more than happy to go an extra mile to make it the best gift ever for your beloved ones.

Since we have taken pre-orders and contributions from Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, we are processing the purchases based on the order of each purchase. As mentioned in the previous update that our factory is working at full speed now for production, with three shifts a day, we hope to get the products to you the soonest as we can.

Last but not least, great thanks for your support and patience <3

Lots of love and excitement from QuietOn crew,