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June Progress Update

June has been an eventful month for us, in which our engineering team visited the factory in Poland again. Especially the establishment of the high-quality plastic part production in Poland has been a positive milestone for QuietOn, which enables the manufacturing to progress and allows us to gradually approach the phase of mass production. This…

In the following update, we will share with you the important details of our production process as well as news and insights from ongoing events and exhibitions.

A brief introduction of the machine functionality:

First, the mold parts are pushed together, then the plastic grains feeder pumps into the material, the machine heats it up and pushes it through the cylinder with high pressure. The solid plastic gets in the final shape when it is cooled down, then the molds are opened and the parts get out.

The metallic and very precisely manufactured molds are pushed together.

The plastic parts were carefully analysed and manufacturing parameters were adjusted to get the high quality. Those parts were then sent to product assembly from where we got the final approval that they were working perfectly.

The mechanical assembly is confirmed to be completely doable at a high level of accuracy by the well-trained and experienced operators. They are able to assemble the speaker gasket, and top cover with its gaskets reliably.


Even though we finally got the plastic parts we were able to produce only smaller quantities of the products than targeted, due to the identified variations in our tight audio quality gate, as only the very best ones were accepted. Hence, the yield was too low. For this reason, we decided to switch to higher quality microphones.

The noise cancelling performance depends on a how accurately the signal matches the original noise. That’s why we are assembling a test batch of the earplugs with a new microphone that has a tighter tolerance of sensitivity. We have prepared a new set of tuning parameters, i.e. sets of parameters that boost the signal level by 2 dB to compensate the microphone sensitivity change.

We got the new components last week, made the test build and analyzed it carefully. The test results show significant improvements so now we are now back on track. However, due to this change, our previous estimation of delivery could not be reached.

It will take two weeks to get the new improved audio electronics for a full-speed manufacturing. Subsequently, the manufacturing speed will increase step-by-step. Despite this change, we can still produce a small batch in June. From July on, the ramp up is then targeted to reach the full speed. We aim to produce 3000+ pieces during that month.

 Recent feedback of the product

We have received again a lot of positive feedback from various people who have been testing the device. Perhaps the most significant feedback was the best Good Sleep Award from Japan Sleep Exhibition.

Jurors of the Good Sleep Award and visitors of the Sleep Expo 2019 in Japan were eager to test the earplugs and were delighted and impressed by their effectiveness.

Even if you turn over during sleeping, the products are completely wireless, it will not get annoying or distracting to wear the earplugs. They specialize in sleep, making them different compared to other noise canceling products and very effective.” – Mr. Shogo Fujii, Director of the Medical Health Lab/ Deputy director of Nikkei BP Intelligence Group

People who are troubled with sleep first search for new pillows and other bedding, but QuietOn Sleep functions as a sleep supporter.” – Mr. Norihito Yasuda, Chief editor of Dime from Shogakukan

Apart from that, we got great feedback from Simon Hill, reporter of Digital Trends, specialized on new technology:

QuietOn Sleep did a remarkable job of blocking out noise. It’s most effective against low frequency noises, like snoring, traffic, or airplane engines.”

 We are particularly delighted about the positive comment concerning the audio performance in both hearing and silent mode:

The QuietOn earbuds were very effective at blocking certain noises, so I could be in the room with a robot vacuum and hardly hear it, but when my wife spoke to me, the sound was crystal clear.

For people who crave absolute silence, QuietOn will work best.“ – Digital Trends

Last week, QuietOn exhibited at FTE’s Ancillary Revenue Show in Istanbul. We have welcomed a good stream of visitors from airlines and industry players who have been impressed by QuietOn Sleep’s ability to create silence.

Since we want to ensure the best possible quality, we keep our quality control gate high. Thus, the audio test round has to be done at a maximum accuracy. We have sent our engineers to work onsite with the operators in the factory. So overall, there are some delays, but the project has been progressing in manufacturing and we’re still very confident that you’ll get your investment back at its best returns!

We have been sending out the first dozens of devices to backers and our distribution partners and QuietOn Sleep is getting great reviews, which motivates us strongly in this challenging journey. We continue working hard to get it to you as soon as possible.

We cannot thank you often enough for your support. The uplifting words we keep reading from you help and motivate us on this long road to the completion of QuietOn Sleep. We are endlessly looking forward to finally providing all our supporters with their key to a restful and relaxing sleep. Please stay tuned with us!

Lots of love,

QuietOn team