What is Noise Hypersensitivity – A Story of Touko

People with noise hypersensitivity have a low tolerance to ordinary environmental sounds, which can easily bring them immense discomfort or even stress and anxiety.

Touko, a 39-year old Finnish man, has suffered from hypersentivity to noise for years. He has previously used a variety of headphones to alleviate disturbing sounds in his daily life, but there are always problems with either functionality, performance or comfort of usage.

Recently tried QuietOns earplugs in different situations and was very satisfied with the experience.

“Background noises were significantly reduced”

“The background noise was significantly reduced with QuietOn earplugs, mostly to a pleasant level and thus has not caused any hearing fatigue during the day. Also, I do have problems with people talking on bus, or train, because the talks intertwined with other annoying engine noises, making the whole surrounding very noisy. I miss my own quietude.  With the earplugs, I noticed that the talking noise was no longer so disturbing since the background noise are filtered out and the talk was, to some extent, mitigated ” Touko said.

Comfort of Usage

The earplugs do not create the same irritating feeling caused by pressure when inserting them to ears. I have used QuietOns with all three tips that came along. I have used many types of ear plugs: some have got my skin irritated or even created pains, and even the best ones among them had two unpleasant feelings – ticking and sweating. It was very, very surprising to note that QuietOne’s tips – all three models – were that good. While sleeping, the plugs stay in ears easily overnight when they are inserted correctly. I am overwhelmingly happy to finally find out the solution for my own problem”

Touko was amazed by the actual “WOW! – effect” that QuietOn provided when he went to the movies with the earplugs:

“I had QuietOns already in ears when I was waiting for the hall to be opened. Before the movie,  there are usually trailers and other ads shown on the screen. I often avoid watching these, so I took my jacket off, put my cell phone silent and did everything other than paying attention to the screen. Suddenly I felt a shake of the pressure. Then the pressure came on for the second time and I looked at the screen: the trailer was ongoing with typical trailer point with flashes and noise effects. I had felt the bass sound but I didn’t hear it! I turned to my friend and he confirmed that he had just heard the bass from the thrilling trailer”

Content was provided by Touko. For personal privacy reasons, image wasn’t provided. The image used is an illustration for the blog post only.