QuietOn And Its Recent Media Echo

How has QuietOn been received by international media?

“A perfect way to ween out any external distractions from staying on task” – This is how QuietOn, our little bringers of Nordic Quietude, are described in the review by Gadget User.

The various fields of use of QuietOn are highlighted, emphasizing its suitability for work, commuting or relaxing: “The ear pieces are small and fit wirelessly inside each ear lobe to ensure that you can focus your mind on only the most important of tasks at any given moment.”

Also the Canadian magazine Swagger Magazine, which is particularly focused on topics of interest to men, sees QuietOn as “an excellent sleep option”. Although it may often be uncomfortable to wear something in the ear when sleeping, there is no discomfort when using QuietOn, according to the author. Falling asleep with QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling earbuds is effortless and comfortable.

Particularly impressive, however, are the product’s noise cancelling abilities. Swagger Magazine even goes so far as to say that anyone would be fascinated by the technology and features of the product, who normally suffers from a snoring partner: “Marriages can be saved by canceling the noise enabling both partners to get a good night’s sleep again.”

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