QuietOn 3 Earbuds Help Marketing Executive and Social Media Influencer Take Care of Business

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to feel well-rested and ready to tackle the day. For business owners that feeling can mean the difference between sealing a deal or losing it. Marketing executive, business coach, and social media influencer Alison Morgan may not have blown an important presentation or forgotten the name of a client, but she’s certainly suffered from her fair share of sleepless nights. “A large portion of difficult sleep patterns stem from being a Mom,” she says. “After having children, I think it’s natural to become a light sleeper, to wake up to the slightest noise.”

Whether that noise came from her cat jumping on the bed or the rustling of the wind, it didn’t take much to rouse Alison from slumber. “Once I was awake, it was difficult to fall back asleep,” she relates. “Sometimes, that was it. I was up for the rest of the night. It was so frequent it became a habit that I just couldn’t seem to break.” Like many sleep-deprived mothers, Alison not only managed but thrived. Clocking well under the recommended 8-hours of sleep, she launched not one but two successful online businesses.

Still, insomnia is never a good thing, no matter how well you appear to be functioning. “Ironically, my businesses focus on the health and wellness industry, and here I was, failing to lead a healthy lifestyle due to my sleep issues.” At a loss for another option, Alison resorted to wearing standard earplugs every night and did so for many years. The plugs helped, yet were far from the perfect solution. Old habits die hard, and Alison still found herself staring at the ceiling many nights.

Then she was introduced to QuietOn 3. Intrigued by the device’s revolutionary approach to achieving restful nights through active noise-cancelling (ANC) technology, she decided to give them a try. Much different than the run-of-the-mill earbuds, QuietOn 3 doesn’t use transmitters, receivers and other components typically found in music earbuds, presenting a healthier option for sleep. Additionally, Bluetooth headphones emit electromagnetic fields (EMF), a health concern identified by the United Nations and World Health Organization. Committed to improving her health and wellness, Alison appreciated QuietOn 3’s design and function. “The way QuietOn 3 effectively reduces background noise is really soothing and helps lull me back to sleep.” Specifically, the phase-shifted audio created by the earbuds helps minimize ambient noises that usually disrupt sleep.

Together, the noise blocking and sound sampling have proven a winning combination for Alison. “The QuietOn 3 earbuds have revolutionized my life. I wake up feeling well-rested, alert, focused, and business has never been better!” she enthuses. Like brushing her teeth, popping in the QuietOn 3 earbuds has become a natural part of Alison’s bedtime routine. “I can’t imagine sleeping without them. They are always on my nightstand, the last thing I do before turning off the light. They’re what a pacifier is to a baby, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost them!” Recently, Alison thought she lost her QuietOn 3 earbuds when her housekeeper moved them off the nightstand while cleaning. “When I went to bed that night and they weren’t there, anxiety started creeping in; fortunately, I found them quickly. It was a huge relief!”

The experience, albeit momentarily stressful, only solidified the QuietOn 3 earbuds’ role in leading a healthy, productive lifestyle. “Business owners like me, and those that I coach, are notorious for dealing with huge amounts of stress and sleeplessness. When sleep comes up in our discussions, I always mention my experience with QuietOn 3 earbuds. I’ve also shared them with my followers on social media, which has generated remarkable interest from so many others who struggle with sleep. Stress levels are at an all-time high for many people, and I’ve found the ‘secret’ antidote with QuietOn 3 earbuds—an easy remedy that I’m eager to share with others.”