How QuietOn Helps Heli To Cope With Hyper Sensitivity To Noise

Heli had been sufferring from hypersensitivity for years. After a recent recommendation, she tried out QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs and below is her heartfelt feedback on how QuietOns have helped to save her from the daily annoyance and anxiety caused by noises.

For a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) the stimuli generated by the modern world is often overwhelming. There are so many sources of sounds that frequently exceed the tolerance level of those suffering of noise hyper sensitivity. For instance, the constant sounds of people talking and background music playing in public spaces like restaurants, shopping malls and airports, ect. The noise of the traffic follows you everywhere you go. Sitting seven hours in the airplane can torture you due to engine noise, people talking and babies screaming. Even a walk by the ocean listening to the constant sound of waves can be painful and cause exhaustion to HSP like me.

According to my own experience, the sounds you know to expect are not causing pain for a Highly Sensitive Person. It is possible to listen to music and follow a lecture all day. The pain comes from the random, wide-ranging background noises. Even if the volume of the background noise is fairly low, it can still be exhausting. For example, for me a beautiful, peaceful lakefront is “polluted” if it is accompanied with a constant sprinkling sound of water fountain. For “normal” person the sound of the fountain can be relaxing, but for me it is a torture.

Another immense struggle is when I am trying to concentrate on somebody talking to me, because most of the time the background overrides the voice of the person next to you. Thus, trying to cope with all that incoming stimuli and attempting to separate the wanted information from the whole mass of stimuli are very energy consuming.

The main benefit of QuietOn earplugs is that they turn down any background noise while you can still hear a person talking next to you. This is a huge relief and saves enormous amount of energy to be used for better purposes. Often amidst a heavy background noise I have had to retreat from conversations merely to save my energy. It is difficult for other people, like my little daughter or even my husband, to understand how painful the conversation in noisy surroundings is and how exhausting it can be. Retreating from conversation is often regarded as offensive, which is a shame. Before QuietOn, in order to “survive” high background noise for long time, I had to enter a cocoon of my inner silence to zoom out the external turmoil. QuietOn helps immensely with this as I can listen to person next to me without the background noise.

I didn’t have any solution before QuietOn. It is mainly because with normal earplugs you are totally cut from the sounds, which makes you feel clumsy. My ears are also so small that normal foam earplugs don’t stay in place at all. QuietOn stays in place really well.

I thank you with all my heart for inventing the QuietOn earplugs! I hope all the Hyper Sensitive Persons of the world could have access to QuietOns and have even their own pair. 

Thank you Heli for your honest and motivational feedback about the earplugs!