How is the Noise Cancelling performance of QuietOn measured?

We want to provide the best possible quietude experience to our customers. In addition to soft ergonomic comfort inside the ear as well as the smallest size, an optimal noise cancelling performance is essential. Therefore, our earbuds go through several tests to ensure that we offer nothing but technological excellence to you.
The performance of our QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling wireless earbuds is measured by using test persons. For that, a tiny but precise microphone is needed.

QuietOn uses Knowles SPU1410LR5H-QB.

We have measured it first and made a calibration file to obtain the real signal response.

This microphone is then put inside the test person’s ear. Afterwards, we play sine sweep through the audio spectrum with a calibrated speaker (custom made Pekka Tuomela Hifi 45/3 model) with 85dB volume from 1m distance.

By recording this microphone signal we can get so called open ear measurement.

When these steps are concluded, we put the earbud inside the ear and play the test signal again. It is important to keep the ear exactly in the same place and orientation between the measurements.

After this, we can calculate the difference between the open ear and the earbud in ear signals. This gives the accurate noise cancelling performance for the noise cancelling devices. In the production we are using an automatic test system which is based on artificial ear.

All the earbuds are tested with various audio tests.

Here is picture to illustrate the test set up:

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