When working
is more pleasant

Someone is photocopying 10 feet away from you. The manager is opening the door; the air conditioner vent is right above your head; your colleagues’ phone vibrations and often, engine noises from traffic on the nearby street are all adding up to a distracting background for your work, accumulatively chronic exposure to these noises is wearing.

Explore more about why QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling earplugs can help make your work more pleasant.   

Working with quieton

QuietOn’s active noise cancelling technology cuts down annoying low frequency noises in open-plan offices such as printers, copy machines, keyboard typing, or air vent system. You still can hear your colleagues while holding conversations with them.

Picture represent the product demonstration in airplane.

We don’t usually mind low-frequency noises because they are subtle, in contrast to high frequency ones. However, these bass noises have a noticeable impact on our cognitive abilities in the long run and obviously working performance in the moment. Mid and high frequencies are usually reduced by structures like building and walls, but not so with low frequency noises.

“I had been bothered by these background noises for a while and tried different types of earplugs, yet they didn’t function as well as I expected. So, I was a bit doubtful when my friend introduced QuietOn to me, but it does a really good job with cancelling those annoying background noises in the office”

“I bought this for my daughter as a gift to motivate her in the Entrance exam ahead. She used QuietOns when reading to the exam. She seems to enjoy it a lot. It let her focus on the books completely and with an introvert like her, this is a perfect gift I can think of”

“Now I know what to buy as a present to my nephew who is starting his university studies.”

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