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Every good story has a beginning

Every good story has a beginning – keep reading to hear ours.

QuietOn - The smallest noise cancelling earbuds

While all stories are not filled with magic, ours began with a stroke of luck. Not many places are busier than airports – or noisier.  Upon spotting and trying on a pair of noise-cancellation headphones in an airport electronics store, our founder Janne saw the space for something special.

The device needed to be wire-free, tiny enough to fit inside the ear,  and easy to carry while offering a long battery life. Together with his old colleague Matti, the two Nokia engineers turned the idea into reality and in 2015, the first prototype of an active noise cancelling earbud was developed, tested and validated.

After the launch of the QuietOn Original, we continued shifting gears and branching out through multiple sales channels. Various awards and positive feedback created the path to create an even better product called QuietOn Sleep in 2019, followed by the QuietOn 3 and 3.1.

What began as a start-up business in Northern Finland has expanded to a team of 13 dedicated employees and 4 versions of our earbuds, with each model succeeding the previous. Our unique products haven’t only reached consumers, but also captured the attention of other companies, leading to many successful partnerships and worldwide recognition in numerous media outlets.

One of our goals since the beginning is to meet and exceed the industry standard.  Our high quality is ensured by multi-stage testing and precise handmade assembly. The patented technology, delicate components and precision engineering has enabled QuietOn to soar towards global markets. To this day, QuietOn earbuds are proudly designed in Finland and manufactured in EU.

These aspects contribute to the premium nature of QuietOn, reflecting the strong dedication and efforts we make in every step of its creation to deliver an exceptional product to our customers.

With warm regards from Finland, we send a special thank you to our customers for your continuous support. Without you and the noise cancelling headphones which Janne spotted at the airport, our dreams of making silence accessible to all wouldn’t exist!