Enjoy The Soothing Sounds of Nordic Quietude in Lapland

Nature and it’s health benefits

The feeling of leaving the stress of everyday life behind for some time, surrounded only by the beauty sounds of nature – often it only takes this to get back to the daily tasks of everyday life and recharge your batteries. Sounds such as the wind blowing, the rustling leaves and the flowing of the river’s stream not only create magical images in our minds, but can really work wonders in us. Besides touching our senses, the feeling of stress and anxiety can be reduced by spending time outdoors, improving our overall health. Studies have shown that time spent in the forest surrounded only by the sounds of nature, for example, promotes the immune system and can also contribute to better sleep quality.*

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The healing effects on health of forests

The diversity of Finnish landscapes

The Finnish nature with its rough and often untouched charm invites to be admired. On the one hand, with over 70% of its surface being covered by trees, it is Europe’s most forested country. Simultaneously, the landscape of QuietOn’s home country is characterized by its unmatched density of lakes as well as the raw beauty of Lappish fells. Depending on the season, Lapland in particular enchants with different colors and touches and soothes every time in a new way. 

Experiencing Nature and Nordic Quietude – Even from afar

Besides highlighting the obvious unique and captivating visuals of the Northernmost Finnish region, the official travel site of Lapland Only In Lapland brings this particular beauty, including its calming sounds, a little closer to all those who are far away.   

Matching the current ruska aika (the natural spectacle of the autumnal changing color of the leaves), this so-called Forestsong plays the melody of singing birds, rustling bushes and waterfalls. Come along and enjoy Nordic Quietude in Lapland, source of inspiration for QuietOn, even from afar! 


* Barton, J., Pretty, J. (2010). What is the Best Dose of Nature and Green Exercise for Improving Mental Health? A Multi-Study Analysis. Environmental Science and Technology. 44.