QuietOn featured on Minding Wellness Podcast

“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.”

This is what Claudia Cometa’s Minding Wellness podcast stands for, whose weekly episodes feature conversations with experts on the balance of health, sports and recreation.

Janne Kyllönen, founder of QuietOn, was featured on the latest episode to talk about how good sleep contributes to better well-being and quality of life. Janne introduced the QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling earbuds, which use sophisticated technology to help suppress low-frequency noise in particular. In this way, good and restful sleep is made possible despite exposure to noise from snoring or traffic noise, for example. Janne also shares his own experiences in the field of technology and as an entrepreneur, how QuietOn differs from other devices designed to help you sleep, and which use cases QuietOn is particularly suited for.

Listen to the whole episode here.