QuietOn customers describe their moments of Nordic quietude

Quietude is something we all long for, in all kinds of situations. QuietOn active noise cancelling earbuds have given many people around the world just that peace of mind and made daily commuting, sleeping next to a snoring partner and flying to distant destinations more comfortable. 

“Before I started using QuietOn I was waking up tired, sleepy and not wanting to get much done. I found myself nodding off during the day and if I wanted to take a nap, I could not because those dogs would start barking”, explains Richard from the US.  “Now I can put in my QuietOn and sleep or take that nap. My wellbeing has improved 99%. The 1% is because I’m still staying up to late getting work done.” Even if the earbuds have not yet succeeded in tackling that missing 1%, they have had an outstanding impact on his health and daily contentment. “Overall I’m 100% happy that I made this investment, investment to my health for a better night sleep”, he concludes.

Despite initial difficulties, Thomas from Germany quickly came to enjoy the active noise cancelling earbuds. “First I was not really sure if they were working correctly, since they are very selective in what noises are canceled out and do not simply isolate yourself totally (which is good). But after a short time i noticed how much of the snoring noise that bothered me they actually cancelled when I removed them briefly.” Now he uses the device mostly for sleeping and to better focus on his books. 

Christian from the US, on the other hand, is not always in need for any bringer of quietude at night. “My spouse occasionally snores which really disrupts my sleep. […] I have used 32db foam earplugs for years, and typically find them effective and comfortable.”, he explains. Nevertheless, his pair of QuietOn is always recharged next to the bed, just in case, and has become a faithful companion when travelling or even on the motorway.

When asked how he experienced the first time using them, he answered: “Something just short of a miracle! I use them while driving my motorbike. I can’t measure the decibels inside my helmet but would guess that it exceeds 80db on the highway. […]That they are designed to cancel the most annoying frequencies makes them far more effective than foam earplugs.”
Christian describes his experience with QuietOn active noise cancelling earbuds over the past couple of years to be “almost life changing”. 

It is of course a great honour for us to support the well-being of so many people seeking relaxation, and we look forward to providing more and more restful moments all over the world.

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