How to concentrate on studies – Students share their experiences with active noise cancelling

Students share their experiences with active noise cancelling earbuds for studying

A quiet working atmosphere for learning is certainly an essential factor for concentration and effectiveness. Especially in these times when libraries and universities are mostly closed and public spaces are just slowly opening, finding an ideal place to study can be challenging. Although many students are currently enjoying their summer holidays away from homework or exams, others have to give their best and concentrate fully even during the hottest days of the year: Sini and Elisa are among them. While Sini is still facing deadlines for several assignments, Elisa is just a few steps away from finally obtaining her master degree in biology – only some fine-tuning of the master thesis still needs to be done. 

Music vs. Active noise cancelling

“Normally I can concentrate quite well at home. I also listen to relaxing music from time to time while studying, but sometimes I just need silence, especially when going through articles. Besides, it is often hot in my room, especially now in summer. Most cafes and their terraces have opened again, so it’s nice to go there for an hour or two and write my thesis.” But even there it is often noisy, she says. “My favourite café faces the road, so even the town’s best tea cannot help me to focus completely.”
Her much needed portion of quietude in the shape of noise cancelling earbuds for studying, ready to be used whenever needed, arrived just in time. “The technology really works. They’re tiny, fit comfortably inside the ears and allow me to enjoy the summer outside, while efficiently focusing on the very last stage of my studies.” 

Active noise cancelling can help to concentrate on studies

Sini’s assignments, on the other hand, usually look different: “I am studying journalism and am often even dependent on headphones because of editing videos and audio, for example”, she explains. Since the earbuds do not have any connectivity and their purpose is to provide quieter moments, they might not be helpful in those cases. However, she also needs to write essays or articles and especially in those situations it can be disturbing when her two roommates play video games, listen to music or otherwise engage in loud activities in the shared apartment. “In the last few months we have all been at home for the most part due to the pandemic. Of course you easily get distracted, but that doesn’t make the assignments disappear.” It is in these moments in particular that the earplugs help her a lot. “Writing has become easier and faster when finally being surrounded by silence again. I feel much more productive and I even have time for leisure activities in the evenings again, such as growing new plants and enjoying the long summer evenings.” She is also very pleased with the design of the product, she says. “The charger is very practical, and the device really looks stylish and classy.” 

We wish the students much success and many more productive and quiet moments with QuietOn active noise cancelling earbuds.

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