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QuietOn 2 x2

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QuietOn 2 earbuds effectively cancel traffic noise or other ambient sound. They provide you the quieter environment to relax, focus and feel better. Particularly suitable for travel purposes: Small, comfortable and with mode switching button to select between hearing and silencing mode.

Take action now and make a positive impact on your wellbeing and managing your everyday life!

  • Finally enjoy even the longest of flights in soothing quietude
  • Perform at your best even in open plan office
  • High performance Active Noise Cancelling
  • Superior comfort with soft ear tips
  • 20 hours of battery life per single charge
  • Enjoy Quietude with QuietOn, no additional sounds, no connectivity and electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

Package includes: earbuds, eartips (S, M, L sizes), charging case and cable


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