QuietOn Sleep: Bringing Finnish Silence Into The World

QuietOn Sleep earbuds have been on the mission for some time now to provide a small portion of Finnish silence to those seeking quietude all over the world.
Be it in the bedroom next to the snoring partner, in the apartment with a window towards the noisy street or while working in an open office, silence is the crucial elixir for relaxation and concentration.

Some of our backers have shared with us how they were able to find this silence for themselves, while wearing QuietOn Sleep.

“For 29 years I woke up every night, because of the snoring sounds from my husband. I get a few hours of sleep or no sleep at all. Last week my husband came with these earbuds from QuietOn They are my best night friends, because I sleep like a baby and so deep that I can dreams again and wake up happy and fresh. So we have a win/win, because if you have a happy wife you have a happy life”, says Dominique from the Netherlands.

Also Elliott had spent most of his nights sleeplessly next to a snorer. “30 years of snoring by my partner had taken a toll on me until I placed the QuietOn earbuds in my ears”, he reports. “No more snoring in my ears.”

It is wonderful and rewarding to know that we can provide sleep and rest seekers all over the world with their small portion of tranquility.

As the saying goes, “Silence is gold”, and to deliver this silence to you is worth pure gold to us.