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Lights, Camera, Rest: Kristof Goffin’s Guide to Sleep and Performance

Here at QuietOn, we are deeply committed to understanding the diverse aspects of sleep. How does lifestyle affect sleep? How does one juggle a busy schedule, a demanding career and staying healthy? As part of our exploration, we had the honor of discussing with Kristof Goffin, a talented dancer and actor from Belgium.

From a young age, Kristof Goffin enjoyed the spotlight. Eager to be on stage, he began pursuing his dreams at 16 by enrolling in a high school program for acting. Following high school, he attended university, earning a master’s degree in dance. Despite dancing for four years, his passion for acting remained strong. After much deliberation, he took a chance and began auditioning for roles in the acting industry.

The risk paid off. Kristof has since participated in numerous projects, ranging from theater productions to screen roles. His career has also flourished internationally. He speaks fondly of his experiences on the set of Dertigers, a Belgian show running since 2019. Kristof shares that he cherishes the lifelong friendships he has made while working on the show and is grateful for the wonderful experiences it has brought him.

“I love all my projects. Acting is my passion, so it often doesn’t feel like work. Now that I am back at the theatre, I enjoy the fact that the show must go on. There are no cuts or going back.”

The Actor’s Lifestyle

Although Kristof considers his occupation his passion and almost like a hobby, the profession isn’t perfect. An actor’s schedule can be hectic. On stage, performances can run late into the night, sometimes finishing close to midnight, yet the next day may require an early start at 5 or 6 am for makeup. This lifestyle doesn’t follow a typical 9-5 routine. There are periods where the schedule is packed for three weeks straight, and then there are week-long breaks with no work at all. Consistency and balance, things many people take for granted, are often elusive in an actor’s career.

“It’s like shift work, but sometimes it’s all the shifts in one week—morning, mid, and night,” Kristof explains. “Since you can’t find balance in your job, you need to find it elsewhere—in your body and your mind. If you’re not feeling well physically and mentally, it can take a toll. It’s important to stay positive when you’re not working and take advantage of the free time. Next week, your schedule could be fully booked for weeks.”

The Importance of Sleep and Recovery

As a dancer, Kristof understands the crucial role of recovery and health. Maintaining good physical condition is essential for a positive mood. “As I age, recovery is not as quick,” he acknowledges. Swimming provides a respite from his profession’s demands. “When I swim, I can think clearly, and it’s excellent conditioning for my body. It also helps with the few injuries I have from dance.” Acting remains his passion, so he enjoys watching theatre and cinema, gaining inspiration from other performances.

“Life on stage involves long and irregular hours,” Kristof explains. “Missing sleep for a day is manageable, but during busier weeks, the lack of rest takes a toll. Without a 9-5 schedule, I often get home late and can’t always fall asleep right away. Finishing a performance at 11 pm and arriving home by midnight means my mind is still active, often preoccupied with the next day’s tasks, which adds to my stress and makes it harder to unwind and sleep.”

Sleep Tips from Kristof

Kristof loves waking up refreshed after a good night’s sleep, but he shares that getting enough rest isn’t always easy. “Without enough sleep, I forget things and lines. You need to be focused, and lack of sleep erodes that focus. Any changes in the script by a director become harder to remember and execute ‘on the fly.’ It’s much more difficult to stay alert. With the busyness of the set, you need to be on top of your game, and you’ll feel it if you haven’t slept well. It’s harder to keep up, especially as you get older.”

“I am not a morning person and need at least eight hours of sleep. Although the audience won’t notice, I can feel it myself. I forget little things and become annoyed more quickly. If I haven’t slept well, one night is manageable, yet sometimes I feel the effects not just the next day, but even the day after.”

Kristof keeps a close eye on his sleep schedule. “Going to sleep early or taking a short power nap gives me a bit of energy to get through the second part of the day. I try to keep up with sleeping enough hours. I schedule my sleep and prioritize it to maintain my performance and well-being.”

Another tip for better sleep from Kristof are the QuietOn active noise cancelling earbuds. “It’s amazing how you can quickly find yourself in a different world. Simply place them in your ears and you simply hear the world go quiet. For me, falling asleep can be challenging; any tiny noises can delay the process of falling asleep. With QuietOn, I’m in a different zone and don’t hear those little noises that usually disturb my sleep. It’s truly incredible.”

“The fit is comfortable and suits me well. The design ensures they fit snugly in the ear without bothering the cartilage. Other earplugs tend to fall out, require readjusting, or hurt when I lie on pillows, but not these. Despite the harder case, they are surprisingly painless—you don’t feel them at all. They are gentle and never fall out.”

We at QuietOn strive to create products that help our customers improve their sleep, ensuring that you wake up rejuvenated and ready to take on the next day. We were thrilled to hear that our products have significantly improved Kristof’s sleep. “It’s easier to fall asleep and stay asleep longer in the morning. I no longer wake up to noises from neighbors or outside. My sleep is deeper and more restful. I try not to use them every day, however when I really need them, they work perfectly.”

We had an amazing time chatting with Kristof, with his happy and bubbly personality helping us to discover how crucial health and well-being are, especially in a challenging career. His tips, from staying healthy to getting enough sleep, are helpful for performers and anyone looking for better rest. Whether you’re in the spotlight or just want a good night’s sleep, Kristof’s journey shows how important it is to take care of yourself while chasing your dreams.

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