Sleep Comfort Pack

419.00 US$

QuietOn 3 sleep earbuds

The best earbuds for sleeping! Free & Fast Delivery globally! Super small size, ergonomic design, top quality Noise Cancelling. Enjoy quiet nights with QuietOn 3!

Sleep Mask (Silver)

100% lightproof, a must have for comfortable sleep without light

You can now opt for exclusive sleep comfort with the Sleep Comfort Pack, which includes the sleep mask as well as one pair of QuietOn 3 earbuds.

QuietOn 3 excels with its market-leading noise cancelling performance, smallest possible size and best fit for the ear anatomy. The earbuds in combination with the adjustable 3D contoured Sleep Mask provide you a particularly relaxing and soothing sleep.

Enjoy Quietude, no masking sounds needed, no music, no BT connectivity therefore no electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation

The QuietOn 3 package includes: 1x QuietOn 3 earbuds, eartips for QuietOn 3 (XS, S, M, L sizes) charging cases and charging cables.

Sleep Mask specifications:

  • One-size adjustable headband
  • Blackout design blocks 100% of light
  • Prevents pressure on your eyes
  • Lightweight, breathable and high-density memory foam

Sleep Mask material:

Poly amido fiber, Polyurethan fiber, Milk protein (modified polyacrylonitrile fiber)

Fast Delivery: Product is on the way after 1-3 business days

Free shipping globally.

Package includes: earbuds, eartips (XS, S, M, L), charging case.

30 day money back guarantee.

1 year international warranty.