Your Circadian Rhythm Chronotype

QuietOn Circadian Rhythm

If you find your body waking up and feeling tired at the same time of day, every day, that’s the work of your internal clock, or your circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythms depend on how much you’re exposed to light. Other patterns that are influenced include times when you’re typically hungry or feel productive. Your circadian rhythm can also get turned around by the occasional all-nighter or vacation in a different time zone.

There are four types of circadian rhythms, categorized as bear, wolf, lion, and dolphin. Figuring out what type you fall under can provide a framework for your day. For example, bear types wake at sunrise and are most productive in the late morning. The more you know about your circadian rhythm, the better you can perform at work, sleep at night, or read that book you’ve been meaning to crack into. Learn more about circadian rhythms with this graphic.

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