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Reviews about QuietOn 3.1

Here you can see and overview of selected publications. QuietOn has been featured in many different publications and altogether, the media has loved our little Noise Cancelling sleeping earbuds

Financial Times

“Pop them into your ears at bedtime, and after 20 seconds or so you’ll experience an uncanny transition to something approaching serenity.”

Rhodri Marsden from Financial Times was testing new QuietOn 3.1 and liked so much that it was selected as one of the fife tiny gadgets with super-powers.

Full article [Rhodri Marsden, 14.11.2022]


“I’ve tried the QuietOn and they are tiny and fit almost all the way in the ear and it is possible for a slide sleeper like me to get to sleep. They are excellent at blocking out the lower frequency and continuous sounds. I was surprised by how much of the drill sound was canceled by these tiny earbuds.”

Mark Sparrow from Forbes tried out our QuietOn 3 Active Noise Cancelling sleeping earbuds and was highly impressed by their effectiveness when it comes to blocking out disturbing sounds as well as by the comfort, even when sleeping on the side.

Full article [Mark Sparrow, 25.05.2021]

New Atlas

“The first night I wore them, they placed me in such a cocoon of silence. Do they block out street noise? Yes, well enough for me. Snoring? Yes, no complaints. Screaming toddlers demanding a 3 am glass of milk? Yes, these too.”

Loz Blain, author writing for Australian New Atlas, was also really enthusiastic about the Noise Cancelling performance by QuietOn and how they improve sleep quality.

Full article [Loz Blain, 11.10.2021]


“Listed here are a number of different gadgets that help with sleep. Among them are sleep wearables, which contribute to better sleep and an improved well-being. While the other gadgets listed measure sleep quality, QuietOn helps create a quieter and more relaxing sleeping environment thanks to its stunning noise-canceling performance.”

Full article [Shannon Flynn, 08.12.2021]

The Verge

“Street sounds, the noises from next door, and the hum of a computer fan were dulled enough to let me concentrate better.”

Barbara Krasnoff, who writes for The Verge, particularly emphasizes the suitability of the small resting devices for work.

Full article [Barbara Krasnoff, 20.12.2021]

Everyday Health

“For the two weeks I’ve been using these earbuds, my quality of sleep has improved. They’ve become part of my nightly sleep ritual, sealing me in my own little world.”

Karen Asp, author of Everyday Health, notices the better quality of sleep she experiences since using the QuietOn earbuds to sleep. She also considers the comfort to be excellent.

Full article [Karen Asp, 21.01.2021]

Digital Trends

“They are more convenient, and will also satisfy any concerns over wearing signal-emitting earbuds for many hours at a time. The QuietOn 3’s ANC is very good, easily masking sounds from outside the house.”

Andy Boxall, author for Digital Trends, compared several products for sleeping and he was also impressed by QuietOn’s Noise Cancelling performance. He also highlighted the fact that no radiation or other harmful emissions to sleep are generated.

Full article [Andy Boxall, 22.01.2022]


“I was fascinated that noises I didn’t even realize I had adjusted to were suddenly gone. Sounds like the wind whipping down the street, the air ventilation in my room and seemingly most car sounds had become unnoticeable. On the nights when I did choose to pull the QuietOn earbuds out of my ears, those sounds became instantly noticeable, and were now making it difficult for me to fall back to sleep.”

Mike Sorrentino, writing for CNET, used the earbuds to block out city noise in New York City.

Full article [Mike Sorrentino, 03.02.2022]

Women´s Health

“The noise-canceling technology they’re made with will give you the quietest, calmest snooze of your life whether you’re on a cramped international flight or at home with your snoring partner.”

Women’s Health awarded brands whose products have a positive impact on health. Among them QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling earbuds, which were awarded as the best sleep headphones.

Full article [Neha Tandon, 29.06.2021]


“I’ve been sleeping so well with no noise interruptions. […] The earbuds are small, and I don’t get any soreness from wearing them.”

Nicky LaMarco reviewed QuietOn on Medium and was thrilled with the effect the little earbuds had on her sleep.

Full article [Nicky LaMarco, 03.02.2022]


“They are tiny enough so that they stay pleasantly in the ear without giving off that harsh feeling pretty much all earbuds do. […] These earbuds are blocking out the low frequency noises that most cause issues when a person is trying to sleep — snoring obviously being problematic (not for the person snoring…), but also surface noises such as a loud AC unit in the neighbor’s backyard being too close to your bedroom, or the sounds of a nearby highway.”

Marshal Rosenthal, writing for Hubpages, was also extremely fond of the size of the earbuds as well as their performance.

Full article [Marshal Rosenthal, 15.07.2021]

The YouTube Tech Guy reviewed our QuietOn 3 Active Noise Cancelling earbuds, comparing the size of the device to other solutions and says that QuietOn 3 is “the perfect size to sleep in.” He also recommends the earbuds for light sleepers and people who travel a lot and confirms that he did get better sleep and felt more rested when he used QuietOn 3.

Tiny and comfortable to ensure a good sleep

By blocking the nocturnal noises of a snoring partner, outside traffic or the party animal next-door, QuietOn 3.1 Active Noise Cancelling earbuds deliver a restful night sleep and a help for insomnia so every day can begin with a fresh start.