Jessica Niedergesäß is the official travel blogger for the German publication and a frequent international traveller who writes in her own blog Yummy Travel.  Jessica recently tried out QuietOn earplugs with active noise cancelling technology and added them to her list of the top ways to remain relaxed while travelling on long haul flights.  Check out what Jessica had to say about eliminating annoying in flight sounds in her review below that has been translated from German to English.

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QuietOn Flying

If I want to remain relaxed in a plane, I not only need some of my favourite gadgets for long-distance flights, but also a means to eliminate the annoying noise in the plane. Screaming children, babbling neighbours sitting next to each other and the engine noises are getting to the bottom of things. Hiding these noises is not so easy. Noise-reducing earplugs can help here.

The QuietOn earplugs “defuse” your stress level and help you remain relaxed

I use QuietOn’s comfortable earplugs, which efficiently filter out ambient noise. Humming in the cabin is the biggest enemy of a relaxing flying experience. After several hours of flying the skull may be humming and the stress level is correspondingly high.

The QuietOn earplugs filter out this annoying hum and attenuate it by up to 40 dB. This saves the body from a lot of stress and therefore the whole flight becomes more pleasant and maybe creates a little oasis of rest. So there is time to perhaps take some clear thoughts and let yourself go.

QuietOn Help You Remain Relaxed

Fit and handling

The earplugs are comfortable and easily adaptable to the ear with a memory foam. With a battery life of over 50 hours, you can also manage some flights. Just plug in a small USB cable for charging. This is also perfectly possible on long-haul aircraft, which are now available on all entertainment systems. Yes, the technology is also part of the thinking process and provides relaxation.

The insertion of the earplugs is very easy, you simply press the foam together and insert the plugs into the ear. If you don’t like foam in your ear, you can simply use the supplied silicone covers. The earplugs adapt to all shapes and preferences.

QuietOn Wearing

Remain relaxed working – not only in the airplane a little helper

For me there is nothing more pleasant than a quiet environment, because I really am a person who is afraid of hustle and bustle. Not only in the plane I use the earplugs but also at the airport, because all the announcements and advertisements nerves during a long stopover. Also during my stay in Bangkok I was glad to be able to escape the traffic noise and horns.

Generally, I have always used earplugs or headphones to shut myself off from the world while working on the road. The problem with headphones is the urge to listen to music and so I might be distracted. Here the song doesn’t suit me, with another sum I have the melody in my head. For a long time, I’ve overcome this dilemma by using disposable earplugs.

Now I care about our environment and my wallet and the permanent alternative is absolutely suitable for me. Of course, the purchase of just under 180€ is an investment at first, but if you fly a lot and need rest in between, this alternative is the best choice.

Flying is one of the most stressful forms of transportation however having the appropriate travel companions to help remain relaxed can help to defuse the stress.  We thank Jessica for her kind words and invite you to try and experience a little extra calm and quietude on your long haul and short flights with QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs.

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