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April Progress Update

We are proceeding towards the end of this innovation journey and the fruits are coming ripe for all the hard work we have put in. We are very grateful for your all support and stay tuned with us!

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March Progress Update

Last week our engineers were working with the team in the factory in Poland to examine the welding process as well as to assemble a new batch of earplugs.  After each build the hardware is closer to the final stage, which allows us to measure the latest audio performance and….

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February Progress Update

We’ve been off to a great start this year, working towards getting our tooling perfect and preparing for the earplugs’ mass production.
In this update, as usual, we’ll share with you the details on the R&D and the next steps will conclude the update.  

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January Progress Update

As we have been using the earplugs for our daily lives, most lately on our flights and during the stay at hotels, we do understand how anxious some of you are to get the earplugs right away. Also, the support and positive feedback we’ve got from people we met at CES have given us immense energy. During this long and challenging process of product development, we are truly grateful…

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Progress update- December

As many of you have asked us on the project’s details, this update is to provide you with more in-depth information on the current R&D progress, what have been done and what need to be improved…

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The electronic earplugs of QuietOn remain number one on Singapore Airlines’ inflight sales. It is important to note that Singapore Airlines was selected as the world’s best airline by flight travellers in 2018. It is designed to tackle the low sound waves of snoring, as well as other noise-distorting sounds.

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Crowdfunding – An innovative co-creation process

“I’m a new backer and I just wanted to say that I actually appreciate the delays. It’s much better to receive a product that has been polished with testing and refining than one that is rushed out the door. Keep up the great work! ”

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Voices of November

The test is successful, enabling the new changes to be applied to the plastic body. Great news is that our manufacturer has also confirmed the new plastics and other components are ready. We are very excited that it’s time to assemble all together and…

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Feedback from backers at SOMNEX exibition

He tested the earplugs and even its comfort on Unikbed by lying on the side. He told us that “It worked really well and more comfortable than I expected, even when I was lying on the side. I am really excited to have them soon”.

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