noise reduction earbuds for business travelers

Business travel

Finding rest to perform at your best

Traveling for any reason is usually stressful, it’s especially so for business travelers, who often are under the pressure to perform at their very best immediately after arrival. Business travel burnout is real, and those who travel the most tend to have the highest risk of negative health effects. During the waiting time at the crowded airport right before a long flight or being surrounded by engine noise high above the clouds: A high noise level is a traveler’s constant companion. Researches also shows that the main factor that would most help achieve more success from work trips is getting better sleep before and during trips. Noise reduction earbuds are the best solution.


Focus and relax on the move

More and more of us spend several hours per day commuting between home and work. Working on the move looks like a smart way of using downtime to increase productivity and get home as soon as possible rather than staying in the office longer. Some of us would like to use the commute time to compensate their sleep debt, but the relaxation may seem impossible if you are stuck in a noisy traffic. Commuters are often exposed to high noise levels and to focus or relax on public transportation can be quite difficult.

noise reduction earbuds in a train
noise reduction earbuds for leisure traveling

Leisure travel

Get away and take a break from the daily bustle

At their best, vacations offer a mindful respite from the daily grind, when you feel less stressed, tired and more energized when you return. But all too often, leisure travelers suffer from the same challenges as business travelers. They don´t get enough rest during the travel neither at the destination. The hotel room might be too noisy or the noise during a plane journey prevents you to get rest during the flight. Noise reduction earbuds solve the problem.

QuietOn Sleep

The key to relaxation and recovery while travelling

To get the rest required during your travel or the right mindset to focus on your work while commuting, the main key is to cut down frequency noises. QuietOn Sleep with its active noise cancellation technology tackles particularly the frequencies of disturbing background noises. It is sold inflight on various airlines, such as Singapore Airlines, and it finally provides travelers with the bubble of silence that can be accessed at any time.

Sleep Mask

For an even more refreshing travel experience, check out the QuietOn Sleep in combination with the adjustable 3D contoured Sleep Mask in Travel Pack.