Using and Cleaning of QuietOn Sleep

1.How to use the device?

2 How to clean the device?

It is important to clean the device to maintain its functionality. To maintain the performance of your QuietOn Sleep, ensure also that your ears are clean before using the earplugs since earwax may e­ffect to earplugs’ performance. The body of the earplug can be cleaned with a dry cloth. Do not wash the device with water, solvents, toxic chemicals, detergents or any liquid as that may damage the device.

3. How to clean the charging case?

The interior of the charging case should be kept free from dust and debris. When cleaning the interior, use dry cotton sticks. When cleaning the exterior, use dry or damp cloth. Be careful with USB port. Be careful with charging contacts, do not bend those as the device will not charge if they are bent or damaged.

4. How to clean the tips?

The foam tips are wiped with a soft damp cloth or dry tissue. Do not use solvents, chemicals or detergents or soak the foam tips with water as that may damage the foam tips or the earplug.

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