cleaning Cleaning

1. Can I clean my QuietOn device?

To clean the QuietOn device, please follow carefully the instructions below:

Please note that be careful so that the mesh at the end of the audio canal does not get dirty. Note that the device does not work properly if the mesh is dirty or removed. If constant beeping sound can be heard, it can be an indication that there is some dirt or ear wax on the mesh. When cleaning the mesh, please follow instructions below. Avoid unnecessary cleaning.

2 How to clean the charging case?

When cleaning the exterior, use dry or damp cloth. Be careful with USB port. With the interior of the charging case, remember to use only dry cotton sticks. Be careful with charging contacts, do not bend those.

3. How to clean the tips?

The tips can be removed from the device by pulling gently. After this, the silicone tips can be washed with mild soap and water. Be sure to dry the silicone tips carefully before putting them back to earplugs. The foam tips are wiped with a soft damp cloth or dry tissue. Do not use detergents or soak the foam tips with water.

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