Fired up in the second floor of the old Polar building, QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs were born after Janne (the idea founder) realized how effective noise cancelling technology can help him reduce stress drastically on countless business flights. In 2015, the two Nokia engineers, Janne and Matti (known as the golden ear at Nokia) made the first prototypes, got them tested and validated. The feedback was great and product development was started after QuietOn launched the first Indiegogo campaign, which funded 1.3 million USD for our manufacturing. The very first QuietOn earplugs were delivered to Indiegogo backers in the same year, followed by market expansion in 2017 with more than 15,000 units having been shipped to 120 countries in the world through various sales channels from B2B, retail to E-commerce.



While QuietOn earplugs receive great praise from many types of users, people willing to use them for sleeping have also discovered a few disadvantages. There are still rooms for improvement and the market demand is so big that we wanted to fulfil the need, giving people chances to rest well before a new work day begins.

After analyzing the user feedback, QuietOn team defines the main development points. Sleeping earplug needs to be extremely small and comfortable to guarantee a good night’s sleep. QuietOn team drafts a device 40% smaller and 50% lighter than 1st gen QuietOn. The device is covered by a soft cushion to make it feel nice and comfortable in the ear. The active noise cancelling performance is optimized for snoring frequencies and sounds coming through walls to make the device stand out from any other earplug on the market. The device is named QuietOn Sleep.


Matti Nisula – Electronics Carpenter

Co-founder of QuietOn – an audio, electronics and signal processing guru. Matti has eight years of working experience from Nokia and Microsoft where he was the “golden ear” of the department, analysing and fine tuning the mobile phone and mobile accessory devices, bringing them to their world-famous audio quality. Besides working full speed at QuietOn, he studies audio during his free time.

Janne Kyllönen – Innovation Hunter

Founder of QuietOn – an enthusiastic innovator and user experience driven Product Manager. He has over 14 years of experience in product and project management in Nokia and Microsoft. Janne has possessed a large number of patents and led teams to develop outstanding consumer products. Many bright ideas in our operation, product development and related products are chased after in the middle of Janne’s nights.

Eeva-Maria Mattila – Logistics Maestro

Eeva has over 15 years of experience in managing demanding logistics projects in Nokia. Eeva-Maria’s business understanding combined with systematic work approach build up a firm base to manage ecommerce activities and logistics at QuietOn. Over 15,000 pairs of QuietOn earplugs have been shipped to more than 120 countries in the world…all are managed by this “logistics maestro”.

Hannu Lehtisalo – Production Wizard

From researching on the materials to finding the manufacturers, contractors, all are well managed in Hannu’s hands. Hannu has over 30 years of experience in directing the electronics and mechanics production in factories for Nokia and Huawei. Hannu is currently responsible for product manufacturing at QuietOn. Different types of materials have never been absent on his working desk.

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