QuietOn 3 Sleep Earbuds (Limited stock)

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Improve your sleep quality with QuietOn 3.0 active noise cancelling sleep earbuds. QuietOn 3.0 effectively reduces sounds disturbing your sleep, delivering a peaceful night so you can begin each day with a fresh mind.

  • Premium quality Active Noise Cancelling technology
  • Best fit – so small that they are also suitable for side sleepers
  • Long battery life, 28h/ single charge
  • Designed for sleeping, no masking sound, no Bluetooth connectivity (no music listening), no electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation
  • Comes with soft and comfortable eartips in different sizes (XS, S, M, L)


What is the difference between QuietOn 3.0 and QuietOn 3.1?

The noise cancelling performance, visual design and other parts of the technology are the same between QuietOn 3. and QuietOn 3.1. The difference is the that 3.1. feature two modes switching technology. The 3.1. starts in the hearing mode and after 20 seconds, it switches to noise cancelling. QuietOn 3.0 does not have this transition period and is on the noise cancelling mode straight away. QuietOn 3.0 will include the new eartips (QuieOn 3.1 eartips).

Package includes: QuietOn 3.0 earbuds, eartips (XS, S, M, L), charging case, charging cable.

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