The last three weeks have been full of surprises, excitement and great progress for us. In this update we’ll share with you the feedback of our very first customers, visitors at TWFA exhibition in Singapore and obviously how our production goes.

Read on the update for details and share the journey with us!

Feedback from our first users:

a customer from Singapore

a customer from HongKong

a customer from Australia

We can’t be any happier than reading these words. We know that our hard work and strict quality control process have paid off.

We’ll share with you more when other users share with us their experience too!

QuietOn is chosen as the Best Travel Accessory Product category of the 2019 Travel Retail Awards and also nominated as one of the six finalists for the “Good Sleep Award“ at Sleep Expo Japan 2019!

If you remember the radical change, we implemented during November for the airplane use case, because we realize many people spend more time sleeping on airplane more than at home.

In this exhibition, QuietOn Sleep was described by TFWA Daily as to “revolutionise the travel industry with its exciting new innovation”. The earplugs help “travellers to have the deepest sleep throughout the night and arrive at their destination feeling more relaxed”.

The conference in Singapore was also a place of honour for QuietOn in yet another respect: The company was nominated as a finalist in the Best Travel Accessory Product category of the 2019 Travel Retail Awards.

Seeing visitors happily testing the earplugs and eagerly asking for the products, we are really excited and at the same time, feel anxious to get the whole process up and running quicker. However, we don’t want to have any compromise in our quality, so if we might compare this process with the journey of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, we can’t really shorten any step or hurry it up, as we have share with you the manufacturing process in the previous update.

Production status:

In the latest build, we used the plastics manufactured by our mold maker. Yet, the quality is not consistent through the whole batch and only some parts of the plastics met the required quality. That’s why we didn’t have enough materials for the build assembly as we planned. The mold manufacturer is an expert in making mold but not in manufacturing the plastics part, so with small batch test, they couldn’t make the perfect outcome.

However, the good news is that the molds are of cource, in good shape now with all parameters done correctly and finally arrived at our plastics manufacturing premise in Poland, so that we can easily collaborate for the production of the plastics. Also, the manufacturer will use a more suitable size of the machine (for our plastic tools) to fine-tune the process parameters, which brings more accuracy and consistency of the outcomes. Next week, the molds will be assembled and plastics production starts. On the first of June, our mechanics engineers will fly there to closely cooperate with the team in Poland to make sure the production of the plastics go well.

Besides, the other parts of the manufacturing line are now set up for operating in mass production.  The audio tester has gone through many strict test-runs and is confirmed to work fast and accurately. For the last period, we conducted the audio testing manually, so it took much longer time, however, after this tester has been built and operating, we can do the audio testing for many devices at the same time.  The operators at the factory are also well-trained to proceed with the mass production with fast speed and high accuracy. These progresses have enabled us to finally set foot in the mass production.

In the previous build, we could still manage to have another small batch to send out to the next backers on the list next week. Once the plastics quality is tightly controlled here in our factory’s premise, and less mismatch in communication through continents, we believe that the whole production process will be much more smoothly. Based on the production plan from our manufacturing line at the moment, during June, we’ll have 1500 devices, then 4000 more devices in July, and the rest of preorders will be delivered in August. We’ll keep you updated on the process more often.

Once again, thanks a lot for your support during the whole journey. It’s really an unprecedented experience for us as well. We do hope you enjoy sharing the process with us too.

Lots of love,

QuietOn team

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