QuietOn Sleep review by Sleep Culture – “A viable solution for those who struggle living with a snoring bed partner”

Who doesn’t know the feeling of desperately craving for a good night’s rest, but not being able to close eyes, due to a snoring beloved on the other side of the bed?

As statistics show, snoring is the third most common reason for divorce. No wonder, since sleeplessness caused by snoring often leads to separate bedrooms.

Matt from Sleep Culture equally perceives snoring as a decisive nocturnal disturbance factor, which is “disruptive and impacts relationships”. To set an end to interrupted sleep (be it due to snoring or other noise sources, such as loudly croaking frogs), he tried out QuietOn Sleep to finally sleep in peace…very successfully. While being impressed by the product’s ability to block surrounding noises effectively, he was equally amazed by their pleasant fit: “Once inserted and twisted back they had a good seal and they laid perfectly flat in my ear. […] Laying on my side, with my ear on the pillow, I felt no different than not having anything in my ear.”

Find out more about Matt’s experiences with QuietOn here.

(Source: sleepculture.com)