QuietOn Sleep: First Customer Feedback

Terve and hello, our dear backers. Another week with numerous products shipped worldwide lies behind us and we are proud to have already sent out more than 1500 orders altogether on their way towards you. In this week, we estimate to ship around 500 products. It has been very positive for us that within the last weeks more and more pairs of QuietOn Sleep could leave directly from the factory in Poland and are thus reaching you faster. We are now setting up our own DHL account in Poland, which can be used in the future and will help us to increase the quantity of weekly sent products.

Along with shipping out the first pairs of QuietOn Sleep, there was naturally the wish to know what the reaction to our earplugs was going to be. Accordingly, we sent out a questionnaire in which we addressed the use cases and, of course, your satisfaction with the products. We would like to share the results and insights with you.

Surprisingly, or not, the earplugs are used especially next to snorers and when sleeping surrounded by disturbing noises.

Regarding the performance, which could be evaluated between 1(bad) and 5 (very good), 76% of the respondents gave us a rating of either 4 or 5. In addition, most of them described the product as pleasant to wear in the ear and were particularly enthusiastic about the product concept.

QuietOn Sleep also received positive feedback concerning its usability, although some considered finding the button as difficult.

That’s why we have created a sheet indicating the location and function of the button, which helps you to have the best experience possible with our tiny sleep helpers. This will be included in the delivery package (see picture below).

Overall, we are very happy with the constructive feedback we’ve received so far from you and would like to thank everyone for answering the questionnaire.

To all our other backers who have not yet received the product: We do everything we can to provide you with quieter nights as soon as possible. Thanks again for your support and help on this long and innovative journey. <3 Happy weekend, everyone! Yours, QuietOn team