Prevent Hearing Loss And Save Your Hearing With QuietOn

Whether surrounded by machine noise in the factory or other industrial noise, protecting your hearing is essential. In some cases, when very high-level sounds are involved, immediate hearing damage is caused. However, hearing loss or damage is often an effect of long-term exposure to noise, such as the daily working routine in a loud workplace. QuietOn earplugs serves as a hearing protection, which cancels damaging frequencies, while enabling communication with co-workers.

QuietOn earplugs can protect the hearing of employees exposed to noise in industrial environments. The device’s long battery life of 50 hours and optimal comfort contribute to pleasant and safe working conditions.

A healthy hearing is ensured by QuietOn (certified hearing protector device EN352-2, EN352-5), by combining both active and passive noise cancellation technology. Particularly low frequency noises are reduced, such as airplane engine noise, construction site or machinery noises in industrial areas. By cancelling out frequencies, which potentially could lead to hearing damage, QuietOn earplugs significantly increase focus, while simultaneously reducing stress caused by the constant exposure to environmental noises.

QuietOn’s attenuation ability in low and high frequency ranges is up to 40dB. Mid-frequency sounds, such as human speech, however remain audible. This enables communication among employees, while effectively serving as a hearing protection.

The article “How Does Environmental Noise Affect Our Health?” provides further insights on how important protecting one’s hearing really is and how QuietOn can contribute.