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QuietOn Brings a Tech Twist to Better Sleep for Women Over the Age of 50

Women over the age of 50 often struggle to get a good night’s sleep and with the endless recommendations for how to address that problem, from sleep-inducing rituals, methodologies, techniques and natural supplements, many women overlook a relatively simple way to help them sleep – technology. Specifically small wearables and personal devices, can easily be…

As a biohacking influencer, gerontologist, and founder of the website HackMyAge.com, Zora Benhamou discovered certain tech products are more effective than others at reducing sounds that keep her awake at night and help lull her to sleep. For example, loud music blaring through headphones is never going to help someone sleep; nor is Tik Tok content streaming over a smartphone or the ding of an incoming email or text. It’s a proven fact that these audible stimulants lead to ongoing sleep problems and consequential health issues.

After trying nearly everything, however, Zora found QuietOn’s latest earbuds, QuietOn 3.1, especially effective. Rarely battling to achieve quality sleep herself, Zora’s revelation came through the recommendation of a close friend. “Looking for some relief, she had decided to try QuietOn’s new earbuds,” Zora relates. “After a few nights of solid sleep and waking up feeling energized and refreshed, she shared the news. I was not only delighted for her but excited to have a new sleep remedy to recommend to the biohacking community. I thought this could be a real game-changer for so many people!”

Eager to learn more about the technology behind the product, Zora tried a pair of QuietOn herself. “It’s the real deal,” she says. “There were a couple of nights while traveling that the QuietOn earbuds really came in handy. They helped me fall back asleep faster after being woken up by noisy hotel neighbors.”

The QuietOn earbuds accomplish this feat through active noise canceling technology (ANC). This innovative solution eliminates ambient sounds like traffic, snoring partners and noisy neighbors by automatically generating opposite waveforms, resulting in a much quieter and more peaceful environment. “The ANC technology is very transparent; you really don’t even realize it’s there but it sure works!” Zora says. “They are a huge step above in terms of effectiveness from traditional ear plugs.”

Now with the science and personal experience behind her, Zora has added QuietOn to her biohacking remedies for better sleep. “Noise pollution is something most people deal with at some point, and it really rears its ugly head when you’re trying to sleep in a busy or urban setting. It’s a genuine problem that has serious health implications. This is why QuietOn is such a great solution, because it solves the root cause of the problem without any major lifestyle adjustments.” 

Zora feels menopausal women, in particular, could benefit from using a pair of QuietOn earbuds. “There’s a direct link between menopause, sleep deprivation and disease within this population of women,” she says. QuietOn can provide immediate relief to women suffering from sleep issues during a very fleeting moment in their lives.”

In February, Zora plans to host sleep expert Mollie Eastman on her new online program “Energy Reboot For Women 50+” to discuss steps to better sleep, including QuietOn earbuds. “It’s just one of many health hacks we’ll be sharing to help women feel their very best during the aging process,” she says. “Finding ways to achieve better sleep is always top on the list, and now we can provide one more hack for our audience to try: QuietOn 3.1 earbuds. Just like exercise and diet, QuietOn are a great recourse to restless nights.”