CNET names QuietOn most comfortable earplugs for sleeping in 2021

QuietOn was highlighted among the best earplugs for sleeping by CNET – especially the device’s comfort is praised

Not being able to fall asleep at night due to distracting background noise, such as traffic or your snoring partner, can be frustrating – not only at that moment, but also the following morning. A lack of rest makes for imbalance, lack of concentration, quick irritability and a poorer state of well-being.

CNET has also recognized this and has accordingly chosen the best earplugs for sleeping. A quieter soundscape and a more relaxed ambience for sleeping can help make it easier to concentrate fully on yourself and block out the world around you – allowing you to find a bubble of peace and quiet whenever needed.

Among the highlighted products is also – yes, you guessed correctly – our little bringer of Nordic Quietude QuietOn Sleep.

QuietOn was praised, especially for its long battery life that lets sleep seekers enjoy sweet dreams and a deep refreshing sleep throughout the night(s). The product’s premium comfort was also pointed out, as well as the convenient charging box and the possibility to switch between silencing and hearing mode.
“They passed my longevity test — and all other tests — with flying colors. These sleep earbuds are specifically formulated to cancel noise from low-frequency sounds, like snoring, noisy neighbors or airplane sounds, and they do the job really well.”
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