What has the media said about QuietOn 3 earbuds?

QuietOn earbuds

Who does not long to wake up rested and relaxed after a good night’s sleep? QuietOn makes it possible! The smallest, most comfortable and effective earplugs for a good night’s sleep are here and the world loves them! Already since the launch on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, the little sleep helpers have drawn the attention of over 3800 backers, thus funding around € 450.000 and are now fascinating the worldwide press.

One distinction that particularly honors QuietOn is being named the best earplugs for sleeping in 2021 by TechRadar. Particular attention is drawn to the sophisticated technology, which allows to sleep in peace despite disturbing noise. Unlike other devices, no additional sounds are added – without the sound of fire or raindrops, you get a relaxing night’s sleep. Also the design, size and comfort are highly praised:

“The QuietOn 3 sleep earplugs are extremely small and lightweight, and keep filtering noise for around four nights thanks to their smart charging case. You have to take care to choose the right size tips (there are four to choose from) and fit them carefully at night to ensure there’s a good seal in your ear canal, but it’s well worth the effort and we found the results very impressive in our tests.”

A detailed, individual review about QuietOn 3 by TechRadar can be found here.

“The fact that these earbuds are small enough to fit entirely inside the ear, makes them the only ANC sleep device comfortable enough even for people who sleep on their side. […] I’ve tried the QuietOn and they are tiny and fit almost all the way in the ear and it is possible for a slide sleeper like me to get to sleep”, comments Forbes’ reporter Mark Sparrow. He continues by affirming how effectively the device cancelled out disturbing background noises and that it can definitely be worth trying out QuietOn, since “there’s nothing quite as valuable as a good night’s sleep.” Read the full review here.

Thinking about whether to opt for foam earplugs or noise cancelling earbuds for sleep? This review by The Gadgeteer on the brand new QuietOn earbuds offers the comparison and the winner is easily determined.

QuietOn 3 Active Noise Cancelling earbuds impress with their small size, premium comfort, ergonomic design for sleeping and long battery life.

“They worked like a charm for me. […] The QuietOn 3 earbuds provide the quiet you may need to help you sleep”

QuietOn 3 family

But QuietOn 3 Active Noise Cancelling earbuds also find suitable use in other situations. On the occasion of this year’s Father’s Day, the blog More Time to Travel compiled an overview of suitable and unusual gift ideas, including our tiny earbuds: “Whether your guy is traveling on a plane, staying at a hotel, working at home, or simply craving a good night’s sleep before an early morning meeting, these innovative earbuds will help him get the shut-eye he deserves.”

Wanting to get your own pair and finally sleep in soothing quietude? Buy QuietOn here.