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QuietOn 3.1 Earbuds Are a Must Have for Young Professionals Living in Busy Cities

As an influencer, model and young professional, I love living in the busy city center of Vienna. The energy, opportunities and entertainment are unmatched. The only issue that arises is that I’m a light sleeper and often have difficulty falling asleep and sinking into a deep slumber at night, especially when I can hear street…

But this all changed when I began using QuietOn 3.1 earbuds. Designed by the Finnish tech company QuietOn, these tiny earbuds are comfortable enough for me to wear all night and cancel out every noise except for one very important one – my alarm clock! I can’t imagine trying to sleep in my flat without the help of QuietOn 3.1 now. I keep them on my bedside table in their compact charging carrying case, slip them on at night and am transported to a world of quietude while Vienna continues buzzing and partying well into the night.

Sleep is critical to my professional and personal success, so I’ve tried almost every product I could including different white noise machines and different sleep earbuds to get the peace and quiet I need for a good night’s sleep. I’ve found that QuietOn 3.1 really stands apart from the other products I’ve tested for several reasons. The biggest problem I have with other sleep buds is the pressure that arises during the night. This can be really uncomfortable and frustrating, leading me to take out the earbuds and lay awake during the night. Thanks to their innovative design, QuietOn 3.1 doesn’t cause any pressure in my ears so I can wear them all night and get the sleep I need. Additionally, QuietOn 3.1 earbuds feature improved ANC technology, making them a very reliable and dependable option that I use consistently in Vienna and often take on the go while traveling.

Finally, QuietOn 3.1’s sleek aesthetic design fits perfectly into my lifestyle. QuietOn 3.1 aren’t your typical bulky and awkward earbuds that you have to fumble with and try to fit in your ears several times before finding a secure and comfortable fit. In their small white case, these earbuds look and feel different to any other sleep product I’ve used and have vastly improved not only my sleep quality, but also my life. I can’t imagine my nighttime routine without them, and every time I put them in before bed I can’t help but wonder “where have you been all my life?!”

By Lena Caroline

Instagram: @caroline.lena