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QuietOn 3.1 can help with noise sensitivity

Rose Ernst was once a political science professor and is now a happy full-time editor, coach, and autistic traveler. Here she tells how she has benefited from using QuietOn 3.1 in different noisy environments.

1. When do you typically wear QuietOn 3.1 and how often do you wear them?

I wear QuietOn 3.1 often since I’m a perpetual traveler, mostly on buses, airplanes, and noisy public places. You can find my blog from theautistictraveler.com. The earbuds cut down on the buildup of noise that happens for some autistic people. The other time I wear them is when my partner snores!

2. How has your experience been with the product?

Fantastic! It’s like someone gently turns down the volume in a noisy, exhausting environment. Unlike other noise-canceling devices, QuietOn 3.1 allows me to still hear what I need to hear but cuts out all the rubbish in the background.

3. In what areas of your life have you seen improvement thanks to QuietOn 3.1 –sleeping, traveling, reading, working, etc.?

As a full-time traveler and remote worker, QuietOn 3.1 earbuds have improved my life significantly. My sleep is better, long-distance travel is much less exhausting, and my work is disrupted much less because of unexpected noise.

4. How do you feel about the design, size, and comfort level of the earbuds, particularly when sleeping?

I’m a side sleeper, so I cannot sleep with both earbuds. So instead, I sleep with one in, which usually is enough to get me to sleep. Then I’ll remove it sometime during the night. I’ve never been able to use earplugs in the past—even when I’m awake—because they’ve been too uncomfortable. QuietOn 3.1 are very comfortable and the only earplugs that have ever been comfortable enough for me for sleeping.

5. Have you tried using other noise canceling earbuds in the past? If so, how did that experience compare to your experience with QuietOn 3.1?

I use noise-canceling over-the-ear headphones during the day, but I’ve never used earbuds in the past due to comfort issues and EMF concerns. QuietOn 3.1 are a perfect complement to these headphones because I can use them when sleeping, and they are also easier to use when traveling.

6. Have you recommended QuietOn 3.1 to friends or family members? Who do you think would benefit the most from wearing them?

My partner has a pair as well and loves them. Anyone sensitive to noise—awake or asleep—would benefit from them. If you have concerns about EMF waves, they’re even better. QuietOn 3.1 are the only noise-canceling earbuds I know of that don’t emit EMF. 

Picture: Rose Ernst