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Guest post – Sleep better while traveling

This July, we at QuietOn decided to work with a bit different content than usual. Since July is the main month for summer holidays in Finland, we wanted to hear from our customers about how they have utilized QuietOn’s and especially QuietOn 2’s during the summer travels. How to sleep better while traveling? Luckily, we…

This July, we at QuietOn decided to work with a bit different content than usual. Since July is the main month for summer holidays in Finland, we wanted to hear from our customers about how they have utilized QuietOn’s and especially QuietOn 2’s during the summer travels. How to sleep better while traveling?

Luckily, we managed to get in contact with a customer, who’s been using QuietOn’s for some time. Juuso has been a big fan of QuietOn 2’s and he was even featured in the video what we posted before launching QuietOn 3.

Without further parley, here is Juuso’s story about his journey with QuietOn’s.

Who am I? And why I chose QuietOn’s in the first place?

My Name is Juuso and I’ve been using QuietOn’s for different purposes for almost 2 years now. At the very beginning, I came across the product like most of the company’s clients – because of sleep related issues. I’m a terrible sleeper and I had basically tried everything to make my sleep better, such as melatonin, blackout curtains, healthy diet, not exercising before bed and so on. You just name it… But still, the number one irritation against my sleep was the noise.

a man working with Active Noise Cancelling earbuds on - QuietOn customer experience

I was looking for a solution that blocks out all the noises that are disturbing my sleep. The problem with regular earplugs was that they irritated the inside of my ears. Also, it was really impractical to constantly take them off and put them on if I wanted to communicate with my spouse.

The time I came across QuietOn’s, the company had just launched their second model of the product. It had two different modes, silence and hearing. The mode switch might even be the reason why I became a lifelong fan for the product. If I wanted complete silence, there was an option, but if I wanted to communicate with another person, it was possible as well. Besides that, the design didn’t annoy my ears like regular earplugs and it was possible to get a great sleep.

Though, as better sleep was my first use case with QuietOn, it didn’t take a long time that I found alternative use cases for the product as well:

  1. I took my QuietOn’s to office, especially when I was working with projects that required 100% focus.
  2. I started to meditate with QuietOn’s (this was a real game changer in multiple ways)
  3. I tried the product while traveling a train
  4. I tried the product while driving a car

The points 1-2 are quite usual use cases with QuietOn but numbers 3-4 not so much. Therefore, I’ll tell a little bit more about my experiences in the upcoming chapters.

Using QuietOn while traveling

Has anyone else been annoyed by the amount of background noise in a train? How about the murmur while driving a car? Or the hissing sounds in a plane? I guess most of us have recognized it in a way but haven’t really thought that there’s a way to deal with that.

Travelling by train

For me, the realization happened by half-accident. I’d been already using QuietOn’s for sleeping, working and meditation for some time. Now I was heading for a summer holiday to see my grandma and I decided to go there by train.

I had worked a long day, since I wanted to close all cases before holidays so there was some serious lack of sleep. The obvious plan was to sleep through the trip and be a fresh boy in the destination. So, in other words – put the QuietOn’s to my ears and start getting the Zzzz.

Though I did proceed according to my plan, something unexpected happened the second I put the QuietOn’s on. My mind was ready to sleep, but I didn’t want to – yet. I was astonished how all the annoying background noises and hubbub from train had vanished the second I had the products on. It was possible to enjoy the trip like never before.

Woman sitting on train with laptop computer and earplugs.

Don’t get me wrong. My intention is not to exaggerate, since I’ve been able to sleep and work in a train before QuietOn’s as well. It’s just a fact that there’s more than enough noise in the world today and if something can bring you some peace, why wouldn’t you use that? At least for me, there’s a significant difference for the travel comfort, so it’s hard not to use it when you know how peaceful it can be.

Driving a car

Usually while driving a car, I like listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks. Still, sometimes it’s nice just to be quiet and immerse yourself in your own thoughts. Encouraged by the experience from the earlier train journey, I decided to try QuietOn’s while driving and it was not a disappointment.

After 1,5 hours of travel, tons of thoughts and approximately 120km of driving I said to myself: “why haven’t I tried this before?”. I had never really recognized that there’s so much noise from the traffic, the car itself and all the hum while you are driving.

I know that many people enjoy that they can put on the radio while driving. You can sing simultaneously with your favourite song (while trying to block out the sounds your kids are making, such as “are we there yet”). But at least it doesn’t hurt that there’s one more option if you want to enjoy the silence.

Flying a plane

Unfortunately, planes and travelling outside of Finland have been inaccessible this summer due the Covid pandemic. Therefore, I haven’t been able to test my QuietOn’s above the clouds but I’m pretty confident that they’ll do just fine.

Actually, couple of weeks ago (while travelling) I read an article about the company’s early days and it stated that airplane- and airport sales have been one of the underlying reasons for fast growth of the company.

inflight - senior couple tourists in their seventies sleeping in airplane seat together with earbuds

End notes

Besides shutting yourself from the travel noise, QuietOn’s have delivered the same positive sleeping and concentration experiences, no matter if I’m travelling or at home. I have no trouble sleeping in hotel beds nor do the surrounding noises woke me up anymore.  If I’d like to go reading in a beach or a café, I don’t have to mind the noisy surroundings. If I remember to pack my QuietOn’s with me, no matter where I travel or how I travel, I can always have some peace and quiet with me.

Today, QuietOn has released their third model of the product, QuietOn 3, with a sharp focus to provide better sleep for everyone who has had problems with noise. Though the new product is excellent and way smaller than the previous model, in my opinion there’s still place for the model 2. Especially related to work, meditation and travelling.

Only decent way to end this quest post, is to Quote the classic from Depeche Modes: Enjoy the silence.


P.S. If you’d like to ask from my experiences, you can contact me in LinkedIn.