These images convey the feeling of peace and tranquility in Finland. We at QuietOn have made it our mission to make this silence accessible to everyone at all times, be it while sleeping next to a snoring partner, in the midst of a crowd in a big city, or high above the clouds during a flight over the Atlantic.

Surrounded by aircraft and human noise, while waiting for a connection flight, the idea for a remedy against disturbing sounds arose. Upon trying on a pair of noise-cancellation headphones in an airport electronics store, our founder Janne felt like being in a silent bubble in the middle of the crowded airport and his stress level dropped immediately. Then he started thinking …

“ Why hasn’t noise cancellation technology been used more? ”

The answer was simple – The device needs to be wire-free and smaller to really fit inside the ear, easy to carry while offering a long battery life. Together with his old colleague Matti, the two Nokia engineers turned the idea into reality and in 2015, the first prototype of an active noise cancelling earbud was developed, tested and validated.

The feedback was outstanding, and the development of the product began after QuietOn launched its first Indiegogo campaign, which funded 1.3 million USD for the manufacturing. This was followed by a market expansion in 2017, with more than 15,000 units being shipped to 120 countries through various sales channels, from B2B, retail to E-commerce. The development of the successor product QuietOn Sleep was completed in 2019 and around 11,000 units were sold in the pre-production stage.

In 2020, the company is expanding globally and the R&D continues to provide more and more great products to the world.